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  1. My favorite part of this episode was the diegetic ominous hum in Horne's office. Such a good gag
  2. There's something to the "Coffee awakening Cooper" theory. All of Coopers dialogue after coming out of the lodge have been repeating something that someone has said to him. Him going "Hi!" is the first time he's said something that wasn't ape'ing other people.
  3. Did the theme change slightly over the last couple of episodes? I could swear that the harmonizing on "video games" is different now
  4. Firewatch Spoiler Thread | Henry Two Hats

    Guilt probably has something to do with it, but there's another reason to hook up the alarmed backpack. When you find it, Ned is going up to your tower to tape the walkman to the door. He's luring Henry out with the radio and then listens for the alarm for when it is time to get the hell out of your tower.
  5. The real interesting part is when they play out the cutscenes in 3rd person AGDQ did a demonstration after the mirror's edge speed run (begins at 56:27 if the time on youtube link doesn't work)
  6. anim(ation) is real. That's all I have to add, really.
  7. Crusader K+ngs II

    For anyone coming into this game like me, there's a fantastic pseudo tutorial in form of a let's play at
  8. These streams are so good, I'm considering setting my alarm clock 2 hours early so that I can catch the next one live. This game and these streams accidentally consumed my life.
  9. Crusader K+ngs II

    That was the end of that run. Now that I have some basics down , I'm going to try a character with some more external factors. Maybe the king of denmark. In the grand scheme of things, how important are city upgrades? I haven't looked at them at all.
  10. Crusader K+ngs II

    Well, my heir died, so succession went to his son. Because he's a foreigner and a baby, all vassals hate him and he's killed in the Irish war of succession. I'm probably playing this game a bit wrong. Occasionally I just put the time on max to wait for the end of sieges or claims to be fabricated. I could be using that time to scheme my rise to power, but I have no clue where to start.
  11. Crusader K+ngs II

    I just got into this and got a couple of questions. I've started as the Petty king of Munster. I've expanded until I had de jure claims on Ireland and formed that kingdom. I've offered vassalage to the remaining counties to get them into my kingdom. 1. Should I be creating more duchys? All my vassals are pleased with me, and keeping them small will make a potential rebellion less effective. Are there any advantages to making duchys? 2. I'm eyeing the kingdom of scotland. How do I best get a casus belli? 3. I accidentally married my son off to a countess. On sucession, will I get her lands and if they become part of Ireland, how fucked am I with her liege? Any law changes I should be working on beside primogeniture, since all my vassals like me?
  12. I got this game because of the stream and the storytelling aspect of it is amazing. I start out as the earl of dublin. I create a petty kingdom by annexing kildare. I stack the vassals with my family, because they had the highest opinion of me and it would make it easier to raise taxation. All of the sudden, I'm assassinated by my heir. Apparently, no one likes this heir and I get a dislike penalty from all my family member vassals because I am now a kinslayer. It is not long until my grandfather Leinster declares war on me and all my vassals start plotting my demise, leading to the death of my last heir in 1081
  13. Dota Today 1: QOP Top and POTM Bottom

    Not sure how you could forget that marvelous email.
  14. Kerbal Space Program

    I got into this because of the stream and I'm really enjoying it so far. Just got my first rocket into orbit around the Mün. No fuel to get back or land, so let's just call that an impromptu space station with no docking port. Initially, I felt that this game was missing a more advanced map mode. It would be cool if you could plan out your ascent such that your periapsis would be at the right moment to burn for a trans-lunar injection. But part of the reason this game is so good is that you're meant to fail. Like QWOP, some of the fun comes from how you fail, whether it's because you staged your rocket incorrectly, burned too long and went to orbit around the sun, or you didn't put enough fuel to even get off the launch pad. Having everything planned for you takes that away. I'd be really interested to know if the developers have had any of these thoughts and what is the appropriate level of tools to give the player such that failure is always an option.
  15. Thirty Flights of Loving

    I thought that as well for a while, but it does some weird Z fighting that is very rarely intentional.