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  1. Nidhogg Steam

    I sent you a friend request over Steam. I'm always looking for people to play Nidhogg against, matchmaking doesn't seem to work. I'm http://steamcommunity.com/id/eldpollard if anyone wants to add me.
  2. Spelunky!

    I've been playing Spelunky for a good few months, I've only managed to get to Olmec once, where I was very quickly crushed. It's such a great game, it has a great mix of randomness and unpredictability with really tight controls. When I die it feels like my fault every time, which does nothing to stop it eliciting a loud "Fuuuckkk" almost every time. I've got to wonder why anyone would go to the worm level though. It's really long, quite deadly, and the only reward from it is a slightly better replacement to the whip.
  3. Ouya: Ooooh Yeah!

    Now that the dev kits are out I feel very glad that I didn't buy one. A lot of the boasts they made during the kickstarter seem very hollow under scrutiny, such as that it'll have 1080p output. The Raspberry Pi has 1080p output for a fraction of the price, I'd be impressed if it could do that while maintaining a constant high FPS. I'd love to be pleasantly surprised and it turns out that the Ouya is a new wave in gaming, but I highly doubt it.
  4. Black Mesa Source?

    So far I'm about half way through it and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It's odd, it feels like a complete Half Life remake but there are a couple of changes that throw me off. For instance the area where you first get the crowbar's been changed, which confused the hell out of me. Overall I just love the level of detail that's been put into it. Just small things like the way the first aid stations shut down when they run out or the glowing green left by Bullsquids. Okay sure, most of the voice acting is pretty hokey but I've become fairly inured to that over the years. While this isn't saying much it does beat the voice acting in Just Cause 2, a game which I assume had professional voice actors. I'd highly recommend it for the princely sum of nothing.
  5. Psychonauts

    I first played Psychonauts back when it was first released on Steam and I was still fairly new to PC gaming. I remember being amazed at the time by the entire game, writing, art-style, gameplay, the whole lot of it. I can also vividly recall getting to the Meat Circus and going "Okay, fuck this game. This is bullshit and I'll never complete it." A few years later my memory of how bullshit the original Meat Circus was had faded so I decided to replay the entire game. About halfway through my replay by some luck the game was patched to make the Meat Circus easier, or if not easier then at least far less frustrating. By adding checkpoints and unlimited lives the level still required the same jumps be performed well but without having to do all of them in succession. The Milkman Conspiracy stands out amongst all the levels as my favourite. I just love the art style in it, with shifting gravity and houses on tiny floating spheres. That combined with being repeatedly asked if I'm the milkman just cements it in my head as gaming gold. I'd have to agree with what seems to be the common consensus; Gloria's Theatre really wasn't enjoyable. I think if it had been less irritating to change the scene and lighting I'd have enjoyed it more. That being said, the plays that were performed in the level were hilarious but I do wonder if I missed some of them by not seeing every possible scene and lighting combination. Replaying it and seeing Chris Remo's name in the credits was fun though.