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  1. Criticker: It Tells You If You'll Like a Movie

    One of my favorite things for Criticker is that for each movie you can see the score breakdown that shows you how much everyone liked it, which countries liked it the most, how much each gender liked it, and how much each age group liked it. It's cool seeing how some movies, like Clueless, have a fairly substantial difference in the average score between men and women (4.72 vs 5.35 in that case). It's also interesting to see how many movies have a higher average rating from men than women - Clueless is one of the few exceptions. It hammers home how man-centric a lot of our entertainment is.
  2. Criticker: It Tells You If You'll Like a Movie

    In terms of recommendations, I use Criticker in four ways. First, if you just refresh the home page, it'll show you some interesting movies, including some super obscure stuff that I had never heard of and likely wouldn't have heard of. Second, the collections are super helpful - for instance, the They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? 250 essential noir films list is great for finding noir to watch. Third, the database serach search is great for finding (for instance) all the best sci-fi movies I haven't seen, or all the best movies from 1957 that I haven't seen, etc. Since those searches are so broad they find lots of obscure stuff. Finally, I use it to check out a movie I've found via other routes, like Netflix. If something on Netflix looks interesting but iffy I'll just type it into Criticker and see what it says. I used Letterboxd only very briefly so I can't really say how it compares.
  3. Criticker: It Tells You If You'll Like a Movie

    That's pretty much everyone's #1 complaint with the site.
  4. Criticker: It Tells You If You'll Like a Movie

    Ah, yes. You can change those quips and the numbers they're assigned to with the link near the bottom of your profile page.
  5. Criticker: It Tells You If You'll Like a Movie

    I think part of what's going on is that you like most movies okay so most rankings assume you'll like the movie okay. The ranking system shouldn't have a lower bound based on your rankings unless the people who rate things similar to you have a lower bound. It's calculating scores with the scores of people with similar taste to you, not something else, so there should be no problem with crummy movies getting crummy scores.
  6. Where in the podcast did they talk about split brain stuff? edit: actually it was probably in the opening that got cut, right? I'll check Twitch some time.
  7. FWIW there was a stretch of time when a lot of the stuff they talked about was games they hadn't played, and although I still enjoyed the podcast, I definitely didn't enjoy it much for its video game content, because mostly it was the Thumbs speculating about how they thought stuff worked and in most cases they were wrong, and it's like "if you had played this for 10 seconds all your questions would have been answered." I didn't mind it because I'd listen to the Thumbs say pretty much anything, but I know a lot of other people got pretty frustrated listening to the podcast at about that time, because if they wanted to hear people who didn't know what they were talking about speculate about a bunch of stuff, they could listen to basically any other video game podcast. Anyways, I think the solution for all of this is for Chris to commit to only ever talking about Diablo II. Like, he wouldn't have to play it or anything, but that would just be the game he talks about each week. He's not allowed to talk about any other game. No pressure to play games, but we still get the game discussion. Problem solved.
  8. For Honor

    Got my invite, preloading now! Thanks clyde.
  9. For Honor

    Don't give me a key unless nobody else wants a key by the ~26th. I'm interested in the game but not, like, obsessively interested. It does look kind of neat though.
  10. Right, so my request is EMINENTLY REASONABLE and I will feel JUSTLY SLIGHTED if a game is ever discussed except in the context of how Jake hasn't played it or any other game. I will also make an exception for Far Cry 2, which is less of a game and more of a religion at this point.
  11. I will ONLY listen if the podcast DOESN'T discuss games. I demand 100% ROBOT NEWS and GOLDBLUM ANTICS.
  12. Best games to play on a Windows tablet?

    Frozen Synapse? I have no idea, but it seems like it would work well.
  13. DS1: https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/CalmBisonCmonBruh https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/DelightfulDragonflyBibleThump https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/VastHumanTinyFace https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/GloriousOctopusKeepo https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/JoyousHerdKappaRoss https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/ProudSnakeKippa https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/GiftedCormorantDAESuppy https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/OpenMeerkatSMOrc https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/ElegantPheasantDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/WonderfulEagleBrainSlug https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/TameDonkeyPMSTwin https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/GlamorousHummingbirdResidentSleeper https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/ThoughtfulBarracudaBORT DS2: https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/BloodyFinchPJSalt https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/FaithfulChoughTF2John https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/DoubtfulCoyoteSriHead https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/AlertQuailDeIlluminati https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/ExuberantSpiderTinyFace https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/BloodyParrotCorgiDerp https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/ShinyGrouseTheTarFu https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/HilariousCobraSMSkull https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/CloudyEagleAsianGlow https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/AmusedSheep4Head https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/FancyBeeTheRinger https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/JoyousYakWinWaker https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/VastElephantBORT https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/WanderingBeeThunBeast https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/ZealousGorillaEleGiggle https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/MuddyCodUleetBackup https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/AlertChoughBrokeBack https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/HelplessSheepFUNgineer https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/VivaciousDugongKippa https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/DistinctFoxYouWHY
  14. Idle Thumbs Streams

  15. https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/AverageJayDeExcite
  16. Jeff Goldblum

    In that picture I like how Jake is closer to the camera but if you don't realize that, he just looks very large.
  17. Idle Weekend January 16, 2017: What to Play

    Is Hadyn supposed to be Haydn?
  18. https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/MuddyCodUleetBackup https://clips.twitch.tv/idlethumbs/AlertChoughBrokeBack
  19. Moirai: Fast Farm Fun

    Play this game! It's really fast, like 5 to 10 minutes. Anthony Burch, writer for Borderlands 2 and excellent Spelunky player, recommended it. I just played it and I can second his recommendation. Pretty neat stuff. Don't click "quick play" on that site though, it's busted. Just download and run the .exe. Here are pictures:
  20. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    I seem to recall the Bryar Pistol being fairly accurate, so maybe try that rather than the Stormtrooper gun.
  21. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    There was about a tenth of a second's hesitation in my mind when the other spy got shot because I wasn't sure if a Stormtrooper or Diego shot him, but then I realized Diego shot him via various context clues, which I will now list from the most important to least important: 1. We didn't cut to Stormtroopers shooting at Diego or anything like that, so cinematically, the shot read as coming from Diego, albeit surreptitiously (a good touch, IMHO - the camera was surreptitious to match a surreptitious action, albeit at the cost of momentary confusion). 2. Whether or not we cut to them, the Stormtroopers clearly aren't still shooting, so obviously Diego and the other guy are not being shot at. 3. Diego starts climbing away, so now we have his motive: this is so he could escape without that other guy getting caught. 4. Diego's acting shifty. I agree that it wasn't super clear, and I can imagine another world in which it would have been very unclear, but I actually thought it was kind of a cool effect. It was more than explicit enough for me, and I think making it super explicit would have been much less interesting than what we got in the film. When a film tries to make something less than obvious, it walks a very fine line, because people tend to miss things, and I was not expecting a massive Disney blockbuster to try anything quite that subtle (which is not to say I found it super subtle, but then again you missed it, so maybe it was pretty subtle) so I ended up really liking it.
  22. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    He's only going to play the fourth Call of Duty.