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  1. Artifact - The Dota Card Game

    If they're just copying Blizzard now, we're due for an MMO, a Diablo, and a multiplayer class based shooter, right?
  2. I Had A Random Thought...

    Are there any roguelikes that use traditional turn structures (like Civ) rather than, well, the ways roguelikes usually do turns?
  3. DOTA 2

    Last night I remembered that Resolution still has his Firewatch ad appended to his name so now I guess I'm rooting for him and his team. All glory to the Firewatch!
  4. I Had A Random Thought...

    The random loot is much more of a roguelike feature than the "permadeath."
  5. bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

    The way bitcoin works is, you write down a bunch of numbers on a slip of paper and take it to a group of old wise men on a mountain. They tell you either that it's worthless or that it's worth money. Usually they says it's worthless, so you throw out the slip of paper and make a new one, but sometimes they tell you it's cash. Every once in a while the old men get angry at each other and split up and then you have to decide which mountain to climb, because now the men on each mountain disagree about which slips of paper are worth money.
  6. I think because it is a gaming podcast (albeit not only a gaming podcast) and because the image is pretty. Notice that the episode description pretty clearly mentions the fact that the podcast is also about action movies, professional wrestling, and combat sports, so if your view is "if it's in the episode description, then that's what the episode should be about," then it's not like Idle Weekend is off-base at all. Again, if you're looking for a podcast that focuses only on gaming, as opposed to gaming and pop culture, the Idle Thumbs podcast network has four active podcasts and another four completed/ended podcasts that fit the description, so it's not like you're out of options.
  7. I don't think Idle Weekend is a gaming podcast, it's a video game and pop culture podcast. (At least, that's what it says in the description and that's what it's been since its inception.) The almost entirely gaming focused podcasts on the network are Idle Thumbs, Three Moves Ahead, Terminal7, and Designer Notes, plus from the archive, Tone Control, Dota Today, Esports Today, and Playscape LA.
  8. Life

    It's hard to see how he could say anything to make his actions (e.g. misgendering someone) okay. If it's not something you actively want to do I don't see the point of putting yourself into such an uncomfortable position so that a bigot can try to make himself feel better by explaining his bigotry to you. Maybe if there were some possibility of a legitimate misunderstanding and this could be a great chance for you to hear straight from the horse's mouth how this guy you'd like to admire is worth it, then the conversation would be worth it, but that doesn't seem like a possibility. Clearly he's either confused, prejudiced for no reason, or some combination of both, and you're not going to be able to fix those things for him.
  9. DOTA 2

    The only hero I have any issues with watching in a game is Naga Siren sometimes, because she drags stuff out, but that's only sometimes - the sleep can lead to some exciting situations, for instance.
  10. DOTA 2

    I love the crowd going "ooh" and "aah" at last hits 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the game.
  11. Cultural Appropriation

    I'd ask "how" but you already said you don't know so I'm a little at sea. edit: I will say that mentioning Despacitio made me watch the Gangnam Style video again and that thing's still poppin'. This has nothing to do with cultural appropriation but I thought I'd mention it in case it's been a while since anyone's watched the video.
  12. Jeff Goldblum

    lol I came here to post that.
  13. Socialism

    It seemed like something he should do.
  14. Masculinity

    I think it's a good idea to read a few of the tweets from @innesmck from right before the quoted ones:
  15. The way Chris expressed his extreme interest in blobs is one of my favorite moments from any Idle Thumbs Network podcast ever.
  16. The McElroy Family of Products

    Link doesn't work. I heard Car Boys was cool so I watched the first couple of episodes then saw that it had like 800 episodes and I was like "yikes." I mean it was funny but I don't have that kind of free time. edit: now the link works. edit #2: is Nick one of the Car Boys boys? I don't know any of these peoples's names, except Dan I guess because we just talked about him and because that's my name. edit #3: I confused the McElroys with Giant Bomb. This has been a hell of a trip, folks. I hope you've enjoyed riding along with me.
  17. Tacoma from Fullbright

    They've released the hounds! And by hounds I mean video game! It's downloading in about 4 minutes. Thank you 9 MB/s Steam downloads!
  18. Tacoma from Fullbright

    This comes out very soon. I've got it preordered and I am excited.
  19. Shaking hands with an electric eel is a very good alternative to iTunes. iTunes is the worst program installed on my computer by an order of magnitude.
  20. My point was that nobody is an asshole, Zeus was wrong when he called you out in this thread just like other people were wrong when they called me out in the other thread, and we should all get along. I'm not sure you're giving Dan enough credit. I haven't listened to the podcast or anything, but it seems to me that if Dan is saying "don't tell me about that stuff, please" it's because he already knows that it's bad enough to make him feel bad about shopping at Wal-Mart. So it's not like Dan's literally unaware that Wal-Mart does bad stuff, and that he just needs to be informed about the bad stuff and then he'll be at your level. Rather, it seems clear Dan knows Wal-Mart is up to bad stuff as much as you know that meat producers and so on are up to bad stuff. He'd prefer not to hear the specifics, just like I'm sure you'd prefer not to hear the specifics about whatever you last ate, or bought, or whatever. I don't see how Dan is different from you, unless you always say "yes, please, tell me more, I want to know more," in which case fine but that seems like kind of an unreasonable thing to ask of people.
  21. I mean, it's not like Dan sees Wal-Mart workers getting beaten. He doesn't see any of the bad shit you guys are talking about. In fact he specifically tries not to see it, that's his entire point. I know how "human beings process and face moral challenges" and it sounds like Dan does too, because he looks away from stuff that he knows would make him hate Wal-Mart, just like you look away from stuff that would make you hate eating meat. What's the big deal?
  22. That's one hypothesis! Another is that I don't think human nature = good. So for instance it might be natural for humans to think "out of sight, out of mind," and thus Dan's reaction to Wal-Mart greeters is more unnatural than your reaction to cows, but I don't think that makes Dan worse than you. We might think that it's better to be unnatural than it is to be inconsistent, for instance, and Dan scores pretty well on consistency, it sounds like. At the very least I'd have to hear more about why human nature is a good standard before I sign up for something like "Dan's unnatural and thus a worse person than you." I'm inclined simply to reject claims like that. Perhaps the claim isn't about human nature but rather about something more specific: "Dan has less empathy than me, so he's bad." Notice though that I could do the same thing to you ("Gormongous has less empathy than I do"), but presumably you'd find that objectionable, perhaps because it's natural to have empathy for people you see but not for animals you don't. And that just brings us back to the claim that human nature is a good standard for judging people, which again I am simply inclined to reject. Human nature sucks! I don't care if someone fails to measure up to that standard. I'd rather fail a thousand times at the human nature test and pass the moral behavior test once, than fail the moral behavior test once and pass the human nature test a thousand times.
  23. I think the bad energy might be inside you? I don't think anything in my tone was particularly toxic. For what it's worth, Zeusthecat, in the veganism thread, was one of the few people who said my posts didn't come across as evil and assholeish and so on. Since you're someone who has been accused of being an asshole in this thread by Zeusthecat, who I'm pretty sure doesn't just label everyone an asshole for no reason (because he gave me a pass!) it might help reflecting on the sorts of things that can cause someone to see the other person as an asshole. So for instance could it be that you think I brought negative energy not because I in fact did, but rather because you disagree with me? Could Zeusthecat think you brought negative energy to this thread not because you in fact did, but rather because he disagrees with you? Maybe we're all just decent people and nobody is an asshole, and when you accuse me of being an asshole you're really just trying to hide from yourself the fact that you disagree but don't have any good reasons to disagree, just like when Zeusthecat calls you an asshole he's really just trying to hide from himself the fact that he disagrees but doesn't have any good reason to disagree. But presumably it's not a particularly conspicuous failure of empathy to Dan to Dan to Dan, so I don't really see the issue? Why am I supposed to privilege your view over Dan's view here? What reason could you give me that wouldn't also be a reason for privileging my view over your view (and Dan's view, for that matter, seeing as I'm sure he eats meat)?
  24. He sounds like most human beings! If I told you guys what happens to the animals that you get meat, eggs, and milk from, let alone the workers in those slaughterhouses, you'd probably hurl...