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  1. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

    I actually came here to make a thread about this after getting equally excited by that video. It's everything I've ever wanted from Mount & Blade multiplayer. This game is going to be amazing.
  2. Jurassic World Evolution - Nick's GOTY.cx 2018

    It's not really much of a branch. They're just going to put dinosaurs in their theme park game.
  3. The threat of Big Dog

  4. That must be a little like how it feels to be a vampire, except with sneezing instead of dying.
  5. Episode 402: Battle Brothers

    The podcast was a suggestion for @galaxyscribe, whose concerns are less parochial and less Battle Brothers-centric than yours.
  6. Episode 402: Battle Brothers

    If you're interested in why anyone might have a problem with media that is just 100% white men, there are zillions of places to look. You can find lots of good quick articles if you Google "why is representation important" or something similar, but if you want a more specific suggestion, this is one of my favorite podcasts, and because of the topic they obviously end up having lots of discussions about why it's important for media to be more than just 100% white guys.
  7. Big Moon makes Bigger Luke look like Normal Luke.
  8. Episode 402: Battle Brothers

    I think it's strategy gaming in general.
  9. I think there's a very tiny sliver of younger people who have seen The Thing but not also other Kurt Russell stuff, so in general I'm not talking about those people but rather older people, or young people who are more familiar with Russell. It also doesn't help David that a lot of the stuff people know him for is voice work, which sometimes doesn't translate well into people knowing who he is in person.
  10. Not to be confused with the Ponzu Illusion which is when you eat something expecting it to be soy sauce and it turns out to be ponzu.
  11. Also Jake's story about his phone autocorrecting "to me" to "to me to me" (I think it was Jake) reminds me of this Val Kilmer post on reddit where at one point he writes "to me to me" rather than "to me" for no apparent reason - it looks like a typo, perhaps the same autocorrect typo. This was 15 days ago. Is the AI spreading...?!
  12. If I do 23andme will I find out if any of my ancestors are pickle makers from Wolbachia?
  13. DOTA 2

    Just passed the 90 minute mark!
  14. Masculinity

    A week ago in the class I was teaching (it just ended) we were talking about gender and I had the students list various stereotypical traits of men and women. "Self-reliance" was one they listed for men (and not one they listed for women). The class (30+ people) was in general agreement about the lists we ended up coming up with. So @clyde, you're differing rather strongly from a fairly widely-shared view, I think.
  15. Forum theme woes

    The fonts are all normal for me!

    For me, the scene with the Greasers in the cafe was hilarious, the motorcyle chase was great (it's no accident that it's the action scene with the least special effects, I think), Marion is perfect in basically every scene she's in, the opening setpiece is pretty great before it devolves into the actual chase (which itself is fine), and the atomic bomb scene is a fucking classic up there with my favorite scenes from the other movies, like the gun-sword fight, the flying wing fight, the boulder chase, the Ark melting faces, and the motorcycle chase from The Last Crusade.
  17. Also I have always wondered if the urban legend about The Thing would've spread if the roles were reversed. If the legend had been "Kurt Russell is the alien because you can't see his breath but you can see Keith David's breath" would people have just taken it for granted or would they have reacted the way nerds often react when you get something wrong? Are people willing to believe any old bullshit about Keith David because he's a relatively expendable black guy, whereas Kurt Russell is the beloved star of movies like Escape from New York and Big Trouble in Little China? In other words, is The Thing one sort of racist too? Not as much as the ID4 one, of course, but still, to some degree, a small reflection on how nerd culture is happy to be pedantic about the tiniest details in some cases, but totally willing to say "yeah the black guy's dead and now he's an alien" even thought that's straightforwardly false if you watch the movie with your eyes open?
  18. Forum theme woes

    Aside from a few weird colors in places, I agree that it's not bad.
  19. SPECTRE (new James Bond movie)

    I remember feeling unsure about how I felt about Quantum of Solace when I saw it, and I haven't watched it since. I honestly eat all this new Bond shit up - Casino Royale is my favorite but I've enjoyed all of them. I should rewatch QoS (or all of them, back to back).

    Sad that it wasn't my post from the "rank the Spielberg films" thread. I don't think Indy 4 went batshit crazy with special effects, but it did do a bad job with the effects that it had. The story about Spielberg is that he's excellent at compositing digital stuff into a mostly real shot, but awful at compositing real stuff into a mostly digital shot. Stuff like Indy 4's jungle car chase, the entirety of The BFG, and so on look like shit, whereas the more minimal stuff in his other movies always looks great. I felt kind of vindicated when my favorite movie podcast had an episode on Crystal Skull and they also agreed that it wasn't bad. There are dozens of us! Dozens!
  21. DOTA 2

  22. Artifact - The Dota Card Game

    Best comment I've seen so far: someone saying that Valve should've named the game "Bloodstone."
  23. hey hey hey let's not get carried away watching the movie and letting that mess up our interpretations. I mean sure maybe you can see his breath, but what if you couldn't? Wouldn't that be a gas?