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  1. Doctor me up, Thumbs

    Man I remember fall down an entire escalator and ripping my back up pretty bad but refused to call an ambulance and instead took the bus and subway and walked to the ER with blood pouring down my back. Ended up with 21 odd stitches. Man you are dumb when you're drunk.
  2. Who is the Great American Novelist?

    Didn't want to call you out Kroms, just figured you said something a bit stupid (I understand you though). Stoner is amazing, Félix Fénéon's Novels in Three Lines is a blend of journalism and poesy and really cool, Dead Souls is insane and Gogol's best (for an English that is), I've heard good things about Butcher's Crossing, the Siege of Krishnapur is a classic, Robert Walser is the current hype-beast on aforementioned pages, Chekov is one of the best short story writers if you haven't read him, Edith Wharton was an interesting gal but I haven't read her, Osip Mandelstam is a classic if you are into poetry, Life & Fate ranks with War & Peace, Patrick Leigh Fermor is cool if you fancy old British manner and mentality (read some of the obits from last year), I've bought Boleslaw Prus' The Doll and it seems pretty cool, Bohumil Hrabal is funny but a bit mundane. I just eyed through the list but those are some good lits! However the list isn't complete and you can find more here. E: However, these aren't "modern" in the sense that they are contemporary. A few of them can be called Modernists though. I'm not sure what you meant by "modern" so there you go.
  3. Who is the Great American Novelist?

    They do though.
  4. EVE Online

    I just want to illustrate some aspects of how the market metagame works in EVE, this analysis is not completely accurate but it will work and it shows how complex some situations can get. So right now CCP are buffing Mining Ships* to make Mining a more viable profession. From the looks of it we will have more Miners, and a proliferation of Miners means more Ore, which means ships will be cheaper to build, which means ships will be cheaper. On top of that Ice-Mining** will also proliferate since Mining Ships are used for that as well. They are also, slowly, going through the T1 line up of ships and rebalancing them for racial harmony and more natural progression. On top of that the coming Moongoo*** changes means that stockpiling Tech, and certain reactions, isn't as profitable. All these changes converge to make long term investment on nigh' everything uncertain, unless you are smart enough to game the market during this turmoil. I'm not so I'll be putting my money in Supercaps, POS modules as well as liquid ISK (which will increase in value as the value of raw materials decrease). * Vessels purely designed for aggregation of Ore, THE most basic resource in EVE except for ISK) ** Another raw resource to be refined and used to fuel Capital Ships, POS and certain modules. However, Ice is more arduous to extract and complicated to use. *** A more advanced resource, gathered by Player Owned Stations anchored in lunar orbit. Used to manufacture T2 items which are more powerful or have other abilities.
  5. Dust 514

    I played a couple of matches but got stomped. Much like EVE you get destroyed until you get better. Laughting at the "elite Console Gamers" and EVE cronies thumb their chests and threaten each other at the forums doesn't get old though. Depending on how expensive the new Interdictors will be (the ship class CCP designated for orbital bombardment) and how valuable PI (the mechanics for drawing resources from Planets) will be when the market settles after Dust this may or may not be worth it. Other factors that will affect the viability of orbital bombardment: Scarcity of Dust players, value of the resources extracted from a given planet, how expensive Dust-equipment is going to be (including air-turrets) and the ability to circumvent PI through the market. Yup, EVE is a great game.
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    ^^^^ wow I actually dreamt of this but less geopolitically and more clinically, weird stuff!
  7. Fifty Shades of Pride and Prejudice

  8. Fifty Shades of Pride and Prejudice

    I hate this shit, and that shit like this gets published. Someone should be held responsible for raping Jane Austen and Elizabeth Bennet.
  9. Trying to express opinions about this book in an hour is impossible. You really need to key in and jam if you want to draw anything meaningful from this pool. Well Borges was a baller and machismo, Calvino had some glory days (his father was a baller like Jorge) but not as fierce.
  10. Who is the Great American Novelist?

    There's so much being written at all times that are high-brow and NOT about families I'm not sure where you get your lit from. It seems like most "lit" discussed here are straight from the gilded pages of NYRB, New Yorker, the Review and such. Perhaps you should try and broaden your views Kroms?
  11. Books, books, books...

    I noticed Chris mentioned the thousand summers of jacob de zoet, and how the Dutch were the only Western interested allowed in Japan. If any of you are curious to learn more about that, and learn some history, pick up After Tamerlane by John Darwin. Five Thumbs
  12. Xbox 720

    I don't really care about the Xbox 720, the fact that all console systems are so limited is really a dealbreaker for me. The only games I've played on consoles the last few years were Demon's Souls and Dark Souls and even then I'm pissed that I don't have more control. Now I understand that it's a necessary sacrifice in order to have a better user experience but it just ins't for me. Now I'm going to shut my mouth before they announce Dark's Demon Souls and I'll end up buying a PS4… But both Sony and MS have other worries than their games division? Or are those reserves exclusively for their game divisions?
  13. Except for "ME musical" and other FUN suggestions: None of them. Games are games for a reason, with all the interesting games it wouldn't be justified to reduce them to something linear and directed. I'm fairly aware that Idle Thumbs Crew holds this position as well but yeah.
  14. EVE Online

    Amazing forum. 90% idiots and 10% smart people who mock them. You can, however, learn shit there (intel and "tactics" both).
  15. EVE Online

    Yeah I agree to some extent, but EVE is a sandbox and you create your own fun. When I'm not flying around shooting I do supply and trade, talk to people/contacts, or do spywork on other accounts. Then again, without several accounts I wouldn't be able to do any of this. Yeah I do understand you, but the jargong is very confusing and understanding tactical warfare is very hard unless you have played the game. I'll try to break it down more in the future.
  16. EVE Online

    Actually it's not "highly" illegal and very hard to trace. I wouldn't do it, but I can see why you would. Especially if you run off with your Alliance Wallet and RMT that. You could probably buy a new car. 1. If you make a decent buck you can keep on growing that into a small fortune. Even simple stuff like playing the market and trading between different regions can earn you good ISK. 2. EVE 24 is a pretty bad source - or EVE 24's sources are pretty bad. I'd recommend you read (and wade through the shit on) Kugutsumen and perhaps FHC. And I agree - Eve devours time like no other game. I've never found myself looking at a map planing out my logistics POS and rep POS while making arrangements for new characters with a neutral history in any other game, nothing even close to that… But when the shit hits the fan, it is amazing.
  17. EVE Online

    Yeah Tech is good if you are on the inside. Bottlenecks happen from time to time, and some people high up get rich. It is funny, you need shitty/RPing players for the game to run. If everybody played efficiently, EVE would be very boring…
  18. EVE Online

    You can't play EVE alone, and really some form of PvP is for me the only reason to play the game. Logistics like chaining Cyno alts (people without JDC V ) or anchoring staging POSes suck but are necessary, and without people that would be even worse. And let us not forget that there is no "curve" when it comes to this game. Until you understand some of the concepts involved and get enough SP and ISK to do some fun stuff there is not much to this game, when you hit that point though, everything becomes player skill, shrewdness and psychology. The metagame in EVE really is amazing and insane… You can read about some anti-Spy stuff Pandemic Legion did (an old, high quality alliance) on this forum mirror. No. Though you might catch my bumping Machariel when I've got JF intel. Especially when I've got something bigger to drop on top of them. I really want a Nyx to play with in lowsec. Also I'm going to jump down my Loki to do a boosted nano-Tornado, we'll see what that does for tracking...
  19. Plug your shit

    My achievements are virtual and they require a very special interface to be seen. : ---
  20. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi I signed up to inflate your numbers. EVE is the only game for me, though I did play the two Souls and some other PS3 stuff when I had one. Ask me about EVE.