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  1. Persona 4: Dancing All Night

    Is it always a particular spot? You could try just cleaning you screen. I had a smudge on mine that made one input act up intermittently since you can touch the screen instead of the buttons.
  2. Persona 4: Dancing All Night

    Any thoughts on the DLC? The two free tracks were pretty mediocre, and the Adachi track seems kind of boring, but the extra Rise and Marie songs seem like they might be OK. I also don't know the songs from the anime at all. Anything essential in there? BTW, if people haven't looked, there's a number of free costume sets on the DLC store, which are pretty fun.
  3. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

    This game is particularly good when some (read:everybody) involved are drunk. Obviously harder though. Apparently it was inspired by an episode of Archer, so its totally appropriate.
  4. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    Tarot is hilari-bad. If you can see the humor in the covers, you'll probably also enjoy the insides. However, you can probably get an equal amount of enjoyment from reading this article:
  5. anime

    My wife likes War in the Pocket a lot. Although, she's specifically stated that it's the only Gundam movie she's seen that she got anything out of at all, since mecha qua mecha doesn't really do anything for her. So I suspect her tastes are pretty much diametrically opposed to that of most Gundam fans.
  6. Persona 4: Dancing All Night

    I'm a little disappointed that it doesn't integrate with an existing P4G save in any way. I don't need much, but a couple of free unlocks or an acknowledgement that Yukiko is my soulmate would be nice. In general, the game's insistence that you may not have played Persona 4 so we have to explain everything to you is mystifying. I can't imagine who is buying this that didn't play P4. On the other hand, the story mode is basically a rhythm action visual novel, which is a hilarious thing to exist.
  7. anime

    I watched a bunch of retro anime because a friend of mine provided me with a bunch of fansubs for stuff that I mostly haven't seen or thought much about since high school. The only really notable thing is that I learned that I've only seen about half of the You're Under Arrest that exists, whereas at the time I watched it, I'd seen all of it (i.e. I watched the entire first series but wasn't aware there was a second or third series. I watched a couple random episodes from the newer series, and it's interesting to see the changes to that series over time, many of which probably track to general trends in anime. Aside from the obvious visual elements (which I assume are related to a transition to digital art), the extent to which the characters are sexualized has gradually increased the more recent series. Also, the internet tells me that Aoi is now officially considered transgendered rather than simply a transvestite, which is kind of interesting, I guess. Aoi's first episode is pretty interesting from a modern perspective, because it's arguably handled awkwardly, but at the same time, the tone of the show is such that everybody is actually super supportive right from the beginning (modulo a little bit of juvenile sexuality). Anyways, I watched a bunch of it because it's pure cotton candy viewing where everybody is super loving and supportive of everybody else and nothing ever changes. It's kind of like Archie, I guess, with occasional car chases. Also, all the music is still good. If I was being honest, I'd probably say it's my favorite anime, irrespective of any objective quality it might possess. I also watched the last Ranma thing put to film (an OAV screened at a con in 2008 or so), because I was curious what a Ranma fanservice victory lap looks like, and yup, it sure was that. It was kind of interesting seeing that in a modern style as well. Also, I realize that those retro-revivals are themselves almost 10 years old now.
  8. Social Justice

    I don't really have an issue with what that article is describing, as a descriptive framework of social interactions. However, it makes a couple significant mis-steps: - Calling is "victimization culture" is pretty charged language - It seems to conflate the language of social justice with victimization culture, in a way that probably isn't really appropriate. You could use the same structure of interaction, appeal to 3rd parties, etc, to describe many kinds of interaction, and using the migro-aggression example, while convenient for illustration, implies that they're intertwined in a way that may or may not be true. The article calls this out at the end, but the damage, I think, has already been done. - I think the description of social conditions is interesting. There are a lot of unspoken questions about why these emerged recently as opposed to historically (some ideas: higher levels of college enrollment vs. trades / apprenticeships / family businesses, weaker family bonds, etc.) Some of the responses for that may be in the actual paper, which I haven't read yet.
  9. The threat of Big Dog

    That's pretty neat, although to an extent I wonder if that's really the most efficient way to handle this, i.e. what the actual cost / starfish is for eradication in this manner. Obviously lower than using human divers, but I wonder if there are other alternatives.
  10. Baby Got Backstory - A trope creation thread

    I haven't really been keeping track: is the justification for Quiet photo-synthetic energy? For some reason, I thought it was heat dissipation. Oh, it looks like it's a grab-bag all-of-the-above situation:
  11. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    One thing I think we always need to keep in mind in this conversation iss that there's a difference between legal rights and bad business. Even if a youtuber's content and endorsement I'd a net positive on sales, it doesn't change the legality of the use.
  12. Mega Man is still Mega, Man. (Mega Man Legacy Collection)

    Interesting. On future playthroughs, you may be interested to learn the proper order:
  13. Mega Man is still Mega, Man. (Mega Man Legacy Collection)

    MM2 is the best game. (Not just best Mega Man game: the best game). It's one of the few games from that era that I can consistently replay and enjoy. I think that it holds a place for me that the original Super Mario Bros. does for some people. To be honest, I never really loved SMB, but Mega Man 2 just clicks for me. It also has pretty much the best music on the Nintendo. Feel free to post detailed impressions as a first timer. I'm curious to see what the experience looks like for a new player today.
  14. I don't know if anybody cares about this, but: (as per a securities lawyer I mentioned this to) the difference between an accredited investor and non-accredited investors mostly just has to do with disclosure agreements. If you're an accredited investor, you can be solicited directly, and you're expected to do various investigations as to the worthiness of the company, etc yourself. If you aren't an accredited investor, any kind of solicitation is legally required to be accompanied by various disclosures about the prospects and worth of the company. So, that requirement makes some sense for Fig projects, if they don't want to require those disclosures from the projects they're working with.
  15. Social Justice

    I'm not completely sure this is the right thread for this, but: I enjoy going to the Renaissance Faire. The Renaissance Faire is a total shit-show from a cultural sensitivity perspective, and I have a lot of trouble with it. As somebody with Chinese ancestry, I feel very self-conscious trying to engage in fantasy of European Medieval times. Also, I'm acutely aware of the fact that dressing up in European-style or even Fantasy-style armor is problematic, and that I am fundamentally incapable of looking appropriate in that attire.. Then, I think about wearing a period-appropriate costume that fits my ethnicity (armor, Mandarin robes, etc). But then I worry that that's even worse, because I'm weirdly token-izing myself. And what's more, anything that I do do along those lines inevitably collides with anime culture, and people saying I should dress up like a ninja or samurai or something, which is not actually offensive to me, but which I feel maybe it actually is a little bit. And I'm also very aware that this is all simply an open space for play, and that nobody gives a shit about cultural authenticity which is why there are people dressed as pirates next to Robin Hood next to the Green Lantern and Jon Snow. So, it's stupid for me to even care at all, and I should just put on a freaking kilt or something, but how stupid does a Chinese guy look in a kilt, but then why do I even care what other people think and maybe this is all just something I need higher self-confidence for. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is: the ability to un-self-consciously enjoy a Renaissance Fair is part of white privilege. Also, that I want to open a Chinese themed competing Ren Fair called "The Three Kingdoms".