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  1. The Idle Book Club 2: Cloud Atlas

    Putting aside the structure and motifs of the work, I'm largely left struggling with myself about how each narrative reconciles itself with the duality of human nature. At one end of the spectrum, the "hunger" of humanity seeks to dominate its environment at its base elements (power, knowledge, survival, etc..), whilst at the other end the 'soul' of humanity (or whatever you might call it...) yearns for some higher purpose that makes our lives worth living in the end (freedom, truth, legacy fulfillment, love, etc...). In my mind so far, the highs and lows of the human experience is a mixture of these dual, but not mutually exclusive forces.
  2. Madden 2013 Demo/Discussion

    Anybody interested in starting a small madden league? I'll put my self up to GM.
  3. Is there an idlethumbs dayz server?
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its so great that Idle Thumbs is back and better than ever (at least $136,924). I usually don't post a lot in forums, but because I'm a backer, I want to get more involved in the community.
  5. 3DS Friend Codes

    Didn't see this topic up yet. So I thought why not see if anybody on the forum is interested in swapping 3DS Friend codes? Here's mine: 3265-5061-3675.