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  1. Philosophy & Economics

    The Spectacle seems like a vague definition for modern culture, sort of like a traditional old guy looking down his nose at how much things have changed, lumping all of it into "bleh". Near the end of Part 1 she was talking about people 'avoiding the environment, poverty, and war' but to the contrary I think humanity is the most engaged we've ever been historically with global issues, and it's precisely because of technology. I really dislike the personification of social constructs. We have a celebrity culture because there are a whole bunch of us who make bad choices with our time, not because all the way at the beginning of it some schemer put together a plan to fool us. We've created this culture by our desires, and it isn't going to change by being angry at the culture, it's going to change by changing the people who together make up the culture. There are also issues with the consumer culture, which came about basically because of increased efficiency in food production cutting down prices allowing people to do other things, rise out of poverty, and have money to spend. It only exists because we have money, and yes there are abusers of the system specifically in the food industry, but that isn't solved by being angry at the consumer culture. We have to spread awareness of the specific abuses that are happening to create specific solutions through legislation. The whole "sheep" or "dream" thing seems like just another conspiracy theorist self-aggrandizing, another way for someone to pat themselves on the back and go "I'm so smart now, I figured it out while all those guys are still sheep". The reference to theology was random, I'm not sure what she meant with that.
  2. I Had A Random Thought...

    Plus we could achieve eternal life by putting each other in these perfect storage containers until cyborg technology enables us to become Big Dogs.
  3. Life

    Reminded me of again. Oops, meant to be posted in Space. Oh well, have maps Life.
  4. Crusader K+ngs II

    That's perfect, and I might have suggested assassinating him if he hadn't died on his own. It seems to me advantageous to keep a long rulership, it allows you to spend less time in the negative Short Rule and more time in the Long Rule which is why I prefer the voting system, so you can vote into power a young guy with good stats instead of whoever your son happens to be.
  5. QUILTBAG Thread of Flagrant Homoeroticism

    Came across this recent article: Interesting read, cultures deal with deviant sexuality/identity in different ways. I don't happen to speak, dress, or act in a feminine way so I avoided much of this categorical discrimination by being invisible. I grew up with basically liberal and secular parents in a very forward/accepting neighborhood so learning about this sort of thing is as new to me as it is to most conventionally straight folks.
  6. Feminism

    You seem to think men have a rights issue not related to patriarchy.
  7. I Had A Random Thought...

    Well, yes.
  8. Feminism

    I can imagine some Dishonored past-america where the south was a black-hating hatefest while the north was a white-hating hatefest. In that fantasy america, then MLK would probably have been adamant about equality for both races. Similarly, if we lived in a world where some societies were harmfully patriarchal and some were harmfully matriarchal, we might have a broader gender equality movement. However because that is a false picture of the world, because as far as I know all human societies are patriarchal to varying degrees of harm, we don't have a broad gender equality movement; one gender is already way more equal than the other. This is why the movement is called feminism, and focuses on women.
  9. Life

    I know exactly what you mean. I lack any personal goals whatsoever and I think that's actually very common and normal. The thing is there are activities I really enjoy doing, and if I can manage some way of producing enough currency based off those activities to survive then that's called a career. I think I understand your situation in that you don't need money for anything and don't have a natural inclination to turn your passions into money some way, so you have no motivation. If you currently provide for yourself it doesn't matter what other people think you should do, their opinion has no weight, but if you're being provided for and feel bad about it then you need to find motivation for a career. I posted earlier in this thread about the change of direction in my life but even that isn't a goal, there's nothing specific I want to achieve, it's a motivation. If philanthropy does it for you then great, but in the end you'll have to figure out some sort of motivation, it won't just come on its own.
  10. Feminism

    TSH I don't think you're suffering from an inability to describe your position correctly, you're suffering from a poorly founded position. Feminism necessarily has to focus on female empowerment because they're the ones who are on uneven ground. I don't see where the confusion is. Equality in this case means empowering women, and although breaking down the patriarchy will be beneficial to men in some ways as well, we will necessarily be less powerful relative to women than we are now.
  11. Feminism

    It's like dowsing for good social-welfare with douches. I don't know if it's science, but it's sure as butts weird.
  12. Philosophy & Economics

  13. Philosophy & Economics

    Well I assume we'd get a reasonable and consistent distinction between what qualifies as coercion and what just goes under the umbrella of persuasion, which would be useful in all the same situations it's useful currently, plus some that our current definition doesn't seem to cover well. I guess I chose that word because it seems the most similar to the concept I'm describing, of being persuaded alongside some means of negative or harmful action. Let's say you're right though and it doesn't fit as well as I think it does, it doesn't cover all the gaps of current coercion and actually ends up with its own inconsistincies. What word do you think is more appropriate for it?
  14. Half-Life 3

    Clint Hawking has been perfecting the most incredible sunset you'll ever see. It'll appear once at the very end, and that year will be the Year of Tears.
  15. Philosophy & Economics

    I see your point, and maybe it's true that modern methods of direct brain interpretation aren't capable of differentiating the relevant thought processes. I'd still present my intuition (evidence-less, as you and I both stated) that coercion is an effect on the brain of the person being coerced, and that you could find it even in the cases you presented that seem counter-intuitive to our current definition. Assuming it's untestable it's not useful though, so it's irrelevant to the current discussion. When I'm 80 years old and this comes to light I'll be all "I totes called it yo!"