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  1. No Man's Sky

    Kill Screen just did an very short article on the planet generation of NMS, and it struck me that a huge number of of the planets will never be discovered by people. The scale of this game is going awesome.
  2. Transistor

    Shame I'll be more than happy to grab the PC version if someone creates an arena style mod.
  3. Transistor

    Question about the last 3 minutes of the game
  4. Internet Comics

    Someone posted this on reddit yesterday. It's called Pokecenter, but it's more Pokemon Noir.
  5. New year's resolutions

    So new years is a pretty big deal for a lot of people, and traditionally everyone makes at least one new year's resolution. It's been over a month since new years, which means 1/12 of the year has already gone. I was wondering what your new year's resolution(s) where and have you stuck to it/them so far? Normally I go to a party and write down my resolution in a book. We get to see each others previous resolution and laugh about people's failures. This year the book got to be quite late at night and in a drunken mess I filled in my 2013 resolution as #YOLO. This is the only resolution I've stuck to ever, and I've never had more fun over such a long period of time. To clarify my YOLO isn't the trashy, white girl, "Let's drink another bottle of vodka and play chicken on the M1!", sort of YOLO. I've been going about the whole thing with the mindset of "Why the fuck not?" and as long as there isn't a good reason not to, I do do. I've made so many more friends, having more fun, and becoming more me than I ever was before. I've also been forcing my new personal motto onto my friends and they seem to be having a good time. #YOLO
  6. Half-Life 3

    I kind of want this it be false because I really enjoy watching the die-hard fan squirm at the mention of an announcement. Would be a hell of a way to end a console's life cycle though.
  7. Dust 514

    I agree the beta would probably be better titled as an alpha. I'm enjoying what I get to play though. I think making it a PS3 game was definitely a good idea. I have never touched Eve as I normally get sucked into MMOs. By not putting Dust on the PC they have opened it up to a lot more people than the "Eve Audience", myself included. I have personally haven't played a console game that promises to go as deep as Dust 514 will since Baulder's Gate.
  8. Dust 514

    Like many people I have been given two more codes that I have no one to give to. So here they are: 35BE-BDN3-TBTJ H7CT-FPNP-EQD7
  9. I want to start paying for music

    I normally just stream off spotify but when I do buy stuff it's usually off band camp, or directly off the artist if I can.
  10. The Walking Dead

    I don't think that save transferring is possible but if you want to get it on steam now the time, 40% off in the summer sale today.
  11. The Walking Dead

    I just realised that the game has been effecting me emotionality. The only other game to do this was Half Life 2.
  12. Xbox 720

    Would Steve Perlman's D.I.D.O technology sort out the bandwidth issues?
  13. Gifts - Stuff for Free

    Got a birthday discount code from EA for Origin. It's for 25% off so if anyone want it go ahead and take it. Just PM when its been used so I can edit this post. D176JP324D
  14. Dust 514

    I never played Eve and purposely avoid MMO because I know I'll probably spend way too much time on them. I have been speaking to some Eve players recently though and they all seem fine with it. I don't think it has ever been a topic of conversation. You can't really complain about, what is essentially, a free extension pack.
  15. Dust 514

    I've been meaning to make this thread for a while, but I've been waiting for some news to roll out with it. The good news is that the guys at CCP have set up an open registration for their beta. Just visit their home page or click here to have a chance of getting in. For those that don't know what Dust 514 is here is a very confusing description. Dust 514 is a F2P/MMO/FPS/PS3 exclusive game based in the same universe as Eve Online (a space based MMO). Not only is it based in the same universe as Eve the two games will be linked together with actual gameplay. The best example of this is orbital bombardments. Dust players will be able to send co-ordinates and launch codes to Eve players who, in turn, will use that information to send down a strike that can kill the Dust player's enemies. During this time anti-air turrets will be able to attack the Eve player from across game. On a technical level it is jaw-dropping, and from a gameplay perspective its pretty special. If this game does well it is going to change how the industry looks at so many different aspects of how everything works. CCP also has a 10 year plan set in place for this game so it will also be the first game that transitions the console upgrade. I'm super exited for this game and hopefully a few of us can get together and create the Thumbs 514 alliance.