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  1. Hope that works. I'm in the idle thumbs group on Steam but I'll add anybody who sends me a request jah's love upon you
  2. Idle Thumbs 'Net Chat Servers

    have y'all checked out discord?? its pretty ez
  3. Agreed! Hers and Austin's styles jive real well so could almost see a hint of the academic in the wonderful wonderful beast once more...
  4. DOTA 2

    This. Some of my best games have been those crazy comebacks, but even a losing game is a chance to try out something new or at least to learn from your mistakes.The gg rule in pro level play sort of makes sense to "conserve energy" in a 3-5 game scenario but I really only play one or two games at a time. I'm mostly just happy when I don't get somebody else disconnecting/abandoning.
  5. DOTA 2

    Techies is something that I've had so hyped by my WC3 Dota friends I dunno if I can even play them. Is it out on the main client yet?
  6. Divinity: Original Sin

    I just bit the bullet and bought this game today after seeing the Giant Bomb quick look on it. I have a horrible habit of quitting games halfway through but hopefully this one will keep me entertained long enough to see it to the end (or at least a decent chunk of it). I really like the minimal handholding vibe that I'm getting, one of my favorite games of all time is Morrowind, which seems to have at least a similar style of questing, in that you have to remember the bits and pieces to work out the next step. Also worried that I'll start and find out that I fucked myself with character creation, been reading up on it to give me an idea but don't want to straight min/max the "optimal" build.
  7. Coming Out Simulator 2014

    Oh this makes a lot more sense.
  8. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Sup Thumbs, Been listening to the 'cast through its multiple iterations, never jumped on the kickstarter, and feel bad about it to this day. I'm already a member of the Thumbs Dota2 consortium, but never really got around to posting here until now. Forums are cool, I miss them. Reddit is too troll-y and not really conducive to any sort of insightful conversations, so here I am. Internet.
  9. Nobody expects the Dragon Age Inquisition

    I actually didn't really ever get into any of the Dragon Age games - played a few hours of Origins and then lost interest - but like the Elder Scrolls model of RPGs... still I've played a lot of them and don't necessarily want everything to be coming up Skyrim.
  10. Life

    Also Israel launched a land assault on Gaza today. It's also my mom's birthday. Coincidence? Yeah, probably.
  11. Coming Out Simulator 2014

    People like the father character? I mean I get that he's sorta sympathetic with the vaguely-meta plays-online-games bit, but in the ending that I wound up with had the Father . So how divergent are the different coming out stories? I appreciated that Nicky gives the multiple post-coming out endings up front (or out back, as it were), but I'd be interested to see how the other choices played out. I guess I could play through it again but it's a bit late here and...discussion.
  12. 1 books at a time or multiple

    I've been in college for the past four years (just finished my last essay tonight woo), so most of my reading has been forced upon me. Really cool stuff, but I never get to read for fun anymore. When I do read it's typically a bunch at once, and I only finish the ones that really grab me. Sometimes I get a weird guilt for not finishing things (and makes me feel like a bad person).