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  1. Just checked out this ps mini/vita/psp game by some local brighton guys (http://www.futurlab.co.uk/). It is pretty slick! It is some good fun old school shoot em up stuff, with a cool teleport mechanic.

    I've put about 2 hours in so far and now the entire world is scrolling upwards for me!

    Any one else played it?


  2. I hope your first job is as a marketer because, you really sold this to me. Is it a possiblity to add an RSS feed?

    Just remembered to reply to this.

    I'll add RSS feed to the roadmap of stuff to build. I have a few other bits i'd like to add first though like search, tagging, comments(?) and better user profiles.

    I'm not sure how useful an rss feed would be, if the volume of uses on the sites gets large (which i hope it does some day) then the feed could just end up as noise. I'll see how quickly I could add it, it might be useful now whilst there aren't that many users.

    As for being a marketer? Nope, I'm a web developer/engineer ;)

    Anyone else have suggestions for features they'd like to see added?

  3. Thanks guys!

    I just rolled out an update so you can add custom titles, e.g. if you are plugging a game you made you could do "Show GND: I made a cool game!" or whatever.

    You can now also flag posts you think are inappropriate, spam or just think don't belong on the site. They wont get automatically removed but I'll moderate them later.

    Thanks for the feedback Chris, I'll add something about it to the about page.

  4. What's the difference between this and a development heavy sub-reddit? apart from a different domain name. I do like the design of it though, well done.

    Thanks! The design is fairly generic tbh, it just uses twitter bootstrap without any real changes. just means i can develop quickly without the need for a designer/front end coder :)

    The difference between this and Reddit is that I don't really like Reddit, to be perfectly honest, i've never quite got along with it.

    Reddit does not have enough signal to noise for me, in both content and design. gdn was built as a simple solution to that, ripping off hacker news, a site I do like for its simplicity.

    I'd like the content of gdn to be more than just development though, basically gaming related stuff that is not reviews, previews and general news, or anything from ign, but more refined content for a more refined reader ;) perhaps the name game dev news is a bit misleading, but then game news would be too broad.

    Any way, i guess I cant control the content too much, if people are submitting stuf that gets upvoted, then that is obviously what people like :) The more people join up, the better the content will be.

  5. Hallo there, long time thumb, first time caller (or poster) here. I've been listening to the podcast and lurking on here for a number of years.

    Anyways, I've built this lovely site, http://www.gdne.ws, to collate interesting gaming articles from around the web. It's kinda like Hacker News (if you know that) but for video games. A place where you can quickly find a cool thing to read in your lunch break and things, without having to check a million rss feeds , or visit a millions sites to check for updates.

    I thought i'd post it in here as I need people to beta test and presume that other thumbs are also interested in reading good stuff.

    So, please check it out, sign up, and start posting things. There are a few bugs, so if you come accross one or have any feedback please let me know either on twitter (@empika), in here or on info@gdne.ws.

    Oh and some more details and ideas of things to post are over here http://www.gdne.ws/about/



    (also, no idea if this is the right forum for this or if i should have posted it in Idle Banter? if the latter, hopefully a mod can move it?)