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  1. Idle thumbs london meetup 2012!

    Cool, sounds good. We shall have drinks and merriment! And yes, the pixelpyros stuff is cool, looking forward to it. Seb is pretty cool, one of Brightons many 'rockstar' coders
  2. Idle thumbs london meetup 2012!

    So when you in Brighton?
  3. Assange

  4. Dream Journal 18 August 2012

    Amazing! I thought I could remember my dreams vividly but that's nuts. I can never remember conversations and things. Did satan look like zappa? or did satans dick look like zappa? I've also been trying to keep a dream diary recently but find it really hard to write. If i wake up in the middle of the night I find it hard to write properly and not completely wake up and be unable to get back to sleep, or just be able to write intelligibly in that weird only half awake state. My favourite recent entry just says: No idea what that meant. Dreams are the best.
  5. Idle thumbs London meet!

    Sounds good to me!
  6. Good video of rampart in action here
  7. Thirty Flights of Loving

    The best! Can't wait.
  8. Oh, on the subject of shops with bad names... There is a shop in town that sells stuff for runners, like trainers and lycra etc called... Sweat Shop. Really guys? Half the crap you sell is probably made in a sweat shop
  9. Thirty Flights of Loving

    So good! Just too many little things that all culminate in just a funny, sweet and beautiful game. Some things I loved: Also, the music, great job Chris! Will the soundtrack be available at all?
  10. Loved the talk about kids being just poking at games and being enthralled even though they have no idea what the hell may be going on. It reminded me of one of my first gaming experiences when I was about 7 or 8, Midwinter on the PC. To this day I have had no idea what that game was about or what you were supposed to actually do. I have just read the wikipedia article and had my mind blown, I'd never have guessed that was what the game was about. I'd like to see a remake as it sounds awesome! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midwinter_(video_game) Also, I can still remember most of the keys from X-Wing + Tie Fighter :|
  11. Lego

    Thank. And yes, very much took inspiration from the official set. Could only find a few good pics of it so made most of it up
  12. Ouya: Ooooh Yeah!

    I'm in. I don't have a good PC to play games on. I love the idea, but let's see how it pans out.
  13. Rezzed

    Yup, ditto Adynod and Nachmir, had a great time! And to top it off, my rubbish game jam game got a mention on Forbes http://www.forbes.com/sites/danielnyegriffiths/2012/07/09/rezzed-one-hour-game-jam/ You can check the game here http://rezzed.parr.is
  14. Lego

    My finished RPi case
  15. Lego

    Don't forget the Cuusoo site, tons of amazing stuff on there http://lego.cuusoo.com/ This defender blows my mind! http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/16894 the guy has also done a mini which is incredible too. Lego is pretty much the best thing. I spent about 7 hours last weekend designing a case for my newly arrived raspberry pi computer (www.raspberrypi.org) using the lego digital designer, it is my best effort at the endor bunker. ordered all the parts off of lego pick a brick and brick link, just wiating for the pick a brick order to come through now pic attached.
  16. Rezzed

    I'll be there on my lonesome tomorrow as I think most people I know have saturday tickets. Up for meeting a fellow thumb though, should be getting down there for about 1 or 2 ish. Also, if you are there on saturday, come and laugh at me trying to make a game-in-an-hour at 4pm on some kind of stage somewhere.
  17. Hey Just got a copy of this. I've never played or really been interested in SC, so it's been a pretty interesting watch. http://www.teamliquidpro.com/liquidrising/ Still, thought some of you guys might be interested
  18. Team Liquid - Star Ccraft team documentary

    Nice, will check that out, thanks!
  19. Team Liquid - Star Ccraft team documentary

    indeed, I posted this after only watching 20 mins or so. It is certainly more a profile of each of the players. I have learnt absolutely nothing about the Star Craft scene and what the actual game is or what it takes to be a pro player. Kinda disappointing but interesting nonetheless.
  20. Unreal Engine 4

    Looks pretty incredible to the mere layman... although that first shot of the demon man still looks plasticy, a carryover from ue3? Still, the lighting effects etc are pretty outstanding and I can appreciate the benefit of inline code compilation etc, even I thought the jumping bit was pretty damn neat!
  21. Game writing: the best of the worst

    Techu on PS1 will always hold a special place in my heart... mainly for its baaaad dialog. Me and my chums still quote this level opening cutscene to this day: [media=] [/media]
  22. Ah nerds, sorry I already got it from the dreaded itunes as it was cheaper than amazon. I will add the 4CD set to my wishlist though and see what Santa brings!
  23. Am I allowed to listen to the audio book version or is that considered cheating? As much as I like reading, my backlog is huge and I find it nice to listen to a good book or cast when doing the hoovering/washing up and other chores.. also when getting to and from work. No idea what this book is about, but am excited nonetheless!