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  1. I just went through Celeste a few weeks ago (the critical path). Lovely, charming game that I would recommend to anyone who has the slightest amount of appreciation of platforms and/or jumping. It is just soooo good. And I'm not even counting the uplifting story and the wonderful music. I will return to it for sure, and I believe I heard some more content is in the work for early 2019.
  2. Ouch, that hurts, though I sort of wanted that Armor Pala : \ I pulled both Druid legendaries. I kinda like them, but I recently did a rush to get Druid to lvl 60 for the sweet golden basic cards and vowed to focus on the classes that aren't 60 yet (Hunter, Paly, War, War, Shaman) for a while. Other legendaries were Shirvallah as my free one, a golden Zentimo and, well, Griftah... As much as I like this expansion, what I'm looking forward the most is rotation. So many games that I've insta-lost because I didn't have a DK in my deck and I was up against Jaina, Guldan or Rexxar.
  3. I don't craft the cards unless there's something I really want to try, and turns out these days there's no card that really screams "craft me, I'm fun, interesting and good". Looks like the next expansion will be announced this Friday. Looking ahead for some reveals!
  4. I don't really have the will nor time to climb these days. Because of that, I don't craft cards anymore and just play with what I open up (been playing since beta, so I'm sitting on a hefty pile of dust, just accumulating and clearing daily quests). Completely forgot Blizzcon was soon. Awaiting the announcement of an announcement OR a surprise preview of a bunch of new cards (but most likely the former).
  5. I've never really climbed and am not about to start, however... After having as legendaries this expansion Dr Morrigan and Harbinger Celestia, I decided to just look at the commons and rares I own to make something simple. Having a lot of fun playing "budget" Deathrattle Hunter and some sort of Shield-a-din. Ladder at rank 15-20 is fun. Haven't encountered a single ranked Druid all season.
  6. Recently completed video games

    Done with the base Hollow Knight. Still have some of the added content to go through. Loved the general ambiance, art and music. A few wonderful moments at the end wowed me and will stay with me for a long time. I've dabbed into what's left, and while I'm confident I will be able to complete those sections, I feel like the difficulty there most likely has/will push some people away. A part of me is happy to know further challenges are ahead, but I hope they're not locking away anything too mechanically juicy after those gates. Will go back to it once the final bit of content hits.
  7. Netrunner babies

    Ouuu, I'd be up for that! I haven't gone to my local Netrunner meetups in a long time. As far as etiquette goes, I think jinteki.net lives in a gray area that FFG tolerates. There is no way to pay for a digital version. I do encourage you to find the physical version if you find a liking in the rules. You'll realize there's some light bluffing possible that isn't in the M:tG that I knew years ago.
  8. I just found out last I played that right-clicking with McCree unloads the rest of his ammunitions at any target you can aim at. Which is usually that poor fellow you just stunned with his short-distance flashbomb thingie. If you can't aim with the cowboy, you can get by just fine using the side routes and flank targets for a stun and unload. I also just learned that everyone can headshot in this game. Had to google to find out how much dmg those did. In fact, I had to google to find out how much dmg anything did. I'd really like it if Blizzard had an info dump somewhere on battle.net like many of their other games (unless I completely missed those from in-game).
  9. CWarriors have always been like this though. I'd even go as far as to say that the C'Thun warriors are easier and much less of a ragefest/snorefest to deal with than pure Control Elise Warriors. Being mainly a Rogue player, I tend to run out of gas against them, but I've had plenty of success against any other kind of defensive plays with Tempo or Malygos. The diversity in decks in casual playgrounds (my ranks 14-17 on NA) is very pleasing to me. Speaking of, how are you all playing? Casual questing? Ranking up to a specific rank? Trying for Legend? I tend to just do the quests to play a little every day and, at the end of the month, shoot for rank 15 if only for the golden card rewards.
  10. So I opened a Yogg'Soron and went to make a spell-heavy rogue deck to try it out. 1st game vs. aggro Shaman. I control him early game and Prep+Burgle Everyfin is Awesome and a Doomhammer. I keep controlling the board, play Violet Teacher and spawn a ton of apprentices with the coins from my Cutpurse. He had already used his two Lightning Storm before. 2nd game vs. aggro Pirate Warrior. Brings me super low and ignores my Pillager and Azure Drake (had already used both Heroic Strikes to be able to clear them). I Burgle into Charge, out pace him and finish with a Shadowstepped Pillager into Prep+Charge. Wasn't able to try Yogg'Soron yet, but you don't need new cards for excitement when the RNG is juuuuust right.
  11. I'm still playing nearly every day. I've always been in disagreement with Blizz being with ok with completely destroying cards (Warsong Commander, being a basic card, being the extreme case) and I'll be sad to see Arcane Golem go, even though it does make sense. Charge has always been problematic. That some nerfs are stats-only and don't change the effect of the card (Owl, BGH and Keeper) creates more incentives to create weird-stats minions with strong effects, although a 2/2 for 4 is very hard to advocate for. With a rotation on the way and many paladin cards being rotated out, I hope not touching Divine Favour was a good move. As a Rogue main since beta, I'm sad to see Flurry go, but I see it as a necessary change to move forward. Losing that finisher makes Cold Blood even more tempting than it already was and we don't know everything about the expansion. As for the mana cost, Preparation is still here. I'm fine with having more incentive to slot one of my favorite card in the game.
  12. Highest was rank 12 or so with the old Leeroy Miracle Rogue. Then I played a bunch of mill rogue in the ladder. These days/months I'm mostly playing Oil Rogue until rank 14-15. Then I just play a bunch of mill rogue and go back down the ladder. I just love that fish too much.
  13. Still playing every few days, Rogue as always, sometimes Priest. I love the ideas that were introduced in the expansion. Inspire is something very interesting for classes that can afford to slow down their overall game to mid-range or to capitalize on tempo plays that much more. It's just a little sad that some cards only hint at what could be instead of actually being enablers. As for the top meta decks, we did get Dragon Priest come up and the laddering monster that seem to be the Secret Paladin (Mysterious Challenger is such a good card, I wonder how it got printed). But yeah, I already always wanted to concede when Warriors were only Control type before BRM. Playing against them or Patron seems akin to running into a brick wall, wondering if it might be fun this time.
  14. When he announced that it would be released at noon, Toby Fox asked on Twitter not to stay up all night playing it. My SO and I both have the day off on Wednesday. We're sorry Toby.