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  1. The linked video is an any% run. It skips a lot. As far as I am aware, nobody did 100% run of GMG yet, and it's not even clear what that would entail, completing ME2 multiple times too... There's also a butts% runs category for this game, but they are just the same as any% without one part, really.
  2. What does this relates to? Speedruns are in no way something to learn from about the game, what the game has in it, etc. The idea of them is to skip content that it's possible to skip. There is a 14 min run too already, by the way. However, the normal playthrough would be about 6-7 hours, depending on how much time you would spend in the fairy builder (there are multiple ways to get into the FF2 part), and depending on how much you'll get stuck at places. My first run was about 9 hours, because I played the builder for about 1.5-2 hours and really enjoyed it. It's a full game with interesting mechanics and it's rather challenging to be good at it actually. It also has a bunch of easter eggs that don't have to do with FF2 at all. Also, just in case, I've 100%-ed the game and know most (i'm 95% sure, all) of the easter eggs and secrets, in case anyone needs questions answered. I've also been one of most avid solvers of both ARGs, so I can talk about them too a lot.
  3. Jake, I believe, Valve have added API methods that allow to add ownership of a game to user, but I don't know if it actually got use... EDIT: Hm, skimmed through the API docs, didn't find any mention of it. Weird. Dunno why I thought this existed.
  4. Whoops, so my yesterday quick follow up email didn't make it to the episode :[ Valve did release their public opinion on the gambling websites: http://store.steampowered.com/news/22883/ tl;dr: they're gonna ban them from the API since they're breaking the user agreements.
  5. [RELEASE] Mad Skills

    Gets very challenging, loved it. (didn't coop it, though)
  6. [Release] In Search Of Paradise

    Just finished it myself. It took about exactly an hour too.
  7. [RELEASE] Shoot That Pizza

    Гугло-переведённый русский текст вышел не особо, если честно.
  8. They added a single, very easy to do achivement that i completed the next day after it was introduced. edit: ugh, i forgot, though, they've done it twice (on a summer sale and on a winter sale) and then added extra one to launch the "on trine 2 engine" edition (called Enchanted Edition) But I'm all for their exposure through those sales events, so that's still a positive net result in my book.
  9. Wow, the discussion of Trine was so poor. I love the series and was a tad dissapointed by it. But okay, here's something just to correct some mistakes. 1. Amadeus, the Wizard can kill enemies. He can drop objects on top of them. Although, if you conjour an object too close to a skeleton, he will just smash it with the sword, so you need enough vertical space. In Trine 2 he can do more things (after levelling up his skills): he can levitate a single enemy, so you can throw the goblin into a fire or levitate it into spikes or whatever. He can conjoure a box around the enemy, creating a cage. There is even an achivement for creating a miniature zoo from 3 types of caged enemies (in Trine 1 all enemies were skeletons, in Trine 2 there are goblins and ogres ans whatnot). Although, that's not killing, they can get free from a cage, so you need Zoya (the Thief) to put an arrow there... So yeah, even though, he can deal with some enemies, he cannot Fight with a capital F. 2. Trine 2 was created in a much better and prettier and glowier engine. Also, it had MUCH better multiplayer, actually Trine 1 didn't have any network multiplayer (only local hotseat), it was a big improvement to be able to play Trine 2 with friends (I completed it 3 times — once myself and twice with 2 different friends). So they later rereleased Trine 1 with Trine 2 engine and all the network multiplayer functionallity, so it was a Trine 1: Trine 2 edition of sorts. They've also released it as a beta at first, so it can count as 2 releases. They've also released an expansion (Gobin Menace) to Trine 2. It was much more than DLC, so they eventually (after releasing an extra level) moved to making "trine 2: complete story" (main game + goblin menace + Dwarven Caverns level) the only available item (you cannot buy trine 2: not complete story any more) and kind of The Game. There was a separate release of the Linux version... That's basically, what Danielle's "released 7 times" is made of, i believe. 3. The story is good. You can say that it's simple, yeah, but I love it. It's narrated very marvelously. I hated Chris saying that he skipped every cutscene. Eh. P.S. My steam profile features an achivements showcase with the "earn all achivements in Trine" and "earn all (original) achivements in Trine 2", so you can figure out what a fan I am. I am yet to find time to finish the remaining Goblin Menace ones to replace the second with the cooler one. Also, I haven't bought Trine 3 yet, because I believe I won't have time to play it yet, unfortunately.
  10. I want to see what was happening in the intro so bad...
  11. The Idle Thumbs 10th Anniversary Committee

    People misclick sometimes. I'm pretty sure it was accidental
  12. from podacst, about Steam trades: They already did it. A year ago. I'm dissapointed in you, guys. It's called Steam Market and was mentioned in the email itself, you sell stuff for money going into your steam wallet and there is a 5% fee that goes to Valve and 10% fee to the game. Also, Valve totally monitors trading market since it started in TF2 several years ago. There were examples of some item that became rare and super-expensive on trades being reintroduced in new crates, to level the market a bit, etc. I guess, you don't know about the earbuds, by the way? (And some other promo items from the early days) As the trade market was developing, there were a lot of 3rd party trading websites created, going far enough to have automated bots that could friend you and trade you item you wanted. In the last few months, Valve touched that subject too - with Steam Trade Offers and recently - official Trade Forums. Jeez, i can (and want to) tell you so much about this whole steam/valve/tf2/dota2 economy stuff.