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  1. Welcome to Wizard Jam 4!

    I realize I'm a bit late in hopping on this train, I always get a backlog of episodes to listen to so I hear about these too late to be here on day one. Anyway, hi, I'm mostly a coder but dabble in everything, currently studying game development here in Stockholm. I'd love to either contribute to someone's project or start my own, whichever really. Let me know if you want me! Also, how do I get an invite to the Slack? E: Badly misjudged how much time I have available, much as I'd love to I can't participate properly.
  2. Well hey, it made me listen to an episode of 3MA I probably would've missed otherwise (I like 3MA, but I only tend to check in when they're discussing a game I'm fairly invested in), so I think you can consider it a service rendered Good episode, too.
  3. So here's a weird thing: this episode just showed up in my feed as episode 263 of Idle Thumbs. I mean, as part of my Idle Thumbs subscription and not as my 3MA subscription. Has that happened to anyone else? Can't say anything about the episode as I haven't listened yet, but I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the game since I'm interested in it. I just, uh, guess I expected to hear those thoughts via my 3MA subscription.
  4. QUILTBAG Thread of Flagrant Homoeroticism

    Phelps was scum and I'm glad he's gone. I wonder what the remains of the clan will do now.
  5. Announcing Teg Commissions!

    I like the sound of this and sent you an overly wordy message.
  6. Riddle me this...

    I'm no good with riddles as such, but I did recently discover the game of Word Golf. It's quite simple, although everyone I've explained it to has been terribly confused. Basically you get a starting word and a target word with the same number of characters, and you need to get from one to the other by changing one letter at a time and getting a real word at each step. I don't know if my explanation is very good, so an example: "Love" to "hate": Love Live Hive Have Hate Would that be appropriate at all for this thread? Either way it's good fun.
  7. Hahahrawrrahaha

    A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
  8. QUILTBAG Thread of Flagrant Homoeroticism

    I hear it's been falling out of favour lately, though, and just "trans" is preferred. I don't remember where I heard it though so I can't vouch for the veracity of that statement. Anyway as someone who falls under the trans/trans* umbrella I'd grown to like the asterisk, personally. It kind of makes it sound more inclusive. But I guess to the uninitiated it just looks like there should be a footnote connected to it? *this is not a footnote.
  9. Idle Explorers (Spelunky, um, thumbs)

    I'm probably late to the party but I got the Steam version the other day too. Steam ID's Woebin, had my best Spelunky run ever on today's challenge (I got to the tombs or whatever they are, the area after the ice caves). I've tried to stream my runs to Twitch but haven't worked out the logistics yet.
  10. Grand Thumb Auto retro PC edition

    Is this thing currently happening? I got a popup about the event and started reinstalling the game for the first time in a long time, and it's taking a while. Maybe I'll just keep it installed for next time?
  11. The Idle Thumbs Acheivements Leaderboard

    I rarely use my 360 anymore but registered anyway. Sent you a friend request, ThunderPeel.
  12. Oh yeah, as I said I didn't think there was any malice or disrespect involved, and I'm sorry if I sounded like a douche bringing it up. It's just that trans* issues are kind of a Big Thing in my life for various reasons and it's something I care a lot about, and the notion that a transwoman/transman isn't a "real" woman/man comes up so often that I tend to jump at any sign of someone possibly holding that opinion. I'll stop going on about that now. Anyway, the cast is overall great so far, and as a couple of others said it makes me pick up books I probably wouldn't have read otherwise which is great. I'm even cautiously looking forward to the Cloud Atlas film after loving the book.
  13. Oh, I don't think it was said with any malicious intent at all. And I'm really not one to keep up with the personal lives of celebrities myself either, but Lana Wachowski's transition was treated as such a big deal that it seems hard not to know about it. I also heard lots of people at the time dismiss it as "him" just being full of shit/a weirdo/insane, which really put me on edge. Anyway, didn't mean to derail the thread too badly. It's just really something I care a lot about and I might get a bit overzealous.
  14. No, it was at least twice.
  15. I'm not good at saying deep and thoughtful things about books, so I'll be content to say I liked it a lot although the ending felt a bit unfulfilling somehow. One thing that bothered me about the cast, though, is how you (mostly Chris, I think) referred to the Wachowskis as "the Wachowski brothers". Lana's been openly trans for a while now and finished her transition in 2008, I don't think it'd be too much to ask that people respect that. Not trying to sound like a douche, it's just that trans issues are something I care a lot about and it bothered me. Edit: Oh, and the structure of the book made me think of another recent favourite of mine, Zack Parson's "Liminal States".