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  1. Feminism

  2. Feminism

    I think it's worth pointing out that during the credits the movie shows the emotions for various minor characters, and they match the gender (and the hair) of the character they're part of. It does seem like Riley is different mostly because she's the protagonist. Also, was that volcano thing the worst short Pixar's ever done? Even aside from the character designs, it was dull. It's like the script was "volcano romance" and "I guess put a song in it" and they forgot do actually write the rest.
  3. Other podcasts

    My friend keeps trying to get me to listen to that one, I guess I ought to give it a shot. I'll report back when I have.
  4. The Davis/Sacramento Area Friendship Conspiracy

    Ok cool, sounds good.
  5. The Davis/Sacramento Area Friendship Conspiracy

    It looks like everyone can do next weekend, maybe Saturday? Anyone have ideas about where we should go? Because I do not.
  6. The Davis/Sacramento Area Friendship Conspiracy

    It doesn't look like you set that up right, so I set up a different one: For each day until the end of the month check "yes" "no" or "maybe". I also put options for ~12 pm and ~7 pm in case people want more granularity but that's probably not that useful.
  7. The Davis/Sacramento Area Friendship Conspiracy

    My secret plan was to create this thread in the hopes that it would inspire someone else to actually do the work of planning something. Obviously that didn't work out. Do we want to meet up in Davis or in Sac? What's more convenient for everybody? Also, does anyone have a weird work schedule of something we'd want to plan around?
  8. Other podcasts

    Better than Boat Drinks? You've set my expectations pretty high.
  9. DOTA 2

    I was more of a Don't Move Your Tauren guy.
  10. Chris Crawford's Siboot

    This seems to me like the sort of thing that would only be interesting if it works as well as advertised, but since this is a kickstarter and not a finished product there's no way to tell. The kickstarter page claims the tech works, but it still reads to me more like "wouldn't it be cool if there was a game like this?" than "this is a gane we are actually capable of making"
  11. On the one hand, we already have a thread for robots and robot news. On the other hand this is one of the best thread titles I've ever seen.
  12. Her Story

    Wow, this game is crazy. I've reached the point where the Is that an accurate assumption or am I reading too much into that?
  13. I knew a bunch of people who were into neopets, including some good friends, but for some reason I don't remember ever touching it myself. I think I maybe didn't have reliable internet access until I was old enough to no longer be interested.
  14. DOTA 2

    I think QoP has good potential for an arcana just because she has such prominent spell effects.
  15. Terminal7 32: Fundamentally Fundamental

    Something that helped me get more into the game was when my local game store had a core set only tournament, which had a good mix of new and experienced players. I had played a few times before then, but never with anyone who was more experienced that I was, so it was helpful to see how experienced players usually play the game. A few months later they tried a tournament where you could only use core set + any three data packs, and you had to make both decks from the same three packs. Almost nobody showed up for that one, mostly because it was during finals in a college town, but I thought it was a really interesting format.
  16. Feminism

    I was under the impression that the "lore" of Hearthstone was that it's a card came that exists within the WoW universe. Like if Magic: the Gathering had cards based off real world celebrities. But now we're getting off topic.
  17. Super Metroid Appreciation Station

    Yes that's what I meant. and thanks, I shall get right on that.
  18. Super Metroid Appreciation Station

    I've never played a 3d metroid game despite being a huge fan of the prime games (or at least the first two). Would I be correct in assuming super metroid is what I should play first?
  19. Other podcasts

    I think a fantasy adventure is a better fit for the McElroy's style of comedy than fake advice does, and this is coming from a huge MBMBAM fan. I've also been impressed with the stories Griffin has written for the campaign. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for train mysteries.
  20. Cartoons!

    While I think the show has continued to get better the longer it goes on, I wouldn't say the difference is ever as noticeable as it was for the really early episodes. Basically, if the show was ever going to click with you, you're probably past the point where it would have.
  21. Intoxicated:

    Hey, I'm one of those. Can I join your plot? Can we form a friendship conspiracy?
  22. Happy Birthday!

    In this thread I found out that Sean shares a birthday with my dad and Danielle shares a birthday with my mom.
  23. E3 2015

    I feel like if you want pixel art to look good you need to have similar constraints on the animation as you do on the art. It doesn't look like they're doing that so the animation is inconsistent with itself, which is too bad, since it looks great some of the time.
  24. Cartoons!

    I feel like this thread can't go 3 pages without someone talking about how good Steven Universe is. And I'm ok with that.
  25. E3 2015

    That's a bingo!