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  1. Twin Peaks Discussion

    Twin Peaks without Lynch worked so well last time, obviously.
  2. Ori and the Blind Forest

    My biggest problem with the escapes is that they frequently don't give a good indication of where you are supposed to go, especially the final one. I ended up giving on on the last one because I kept not figuring out which part of the screen is the part that makes you not die. Also, the charge shot never felt right to me. In the early game I almost never used it because your energy is so limited and creating save points is way more useful. By the time I had enough energy to spare I had upgraded my normal attack enough that it did basically as much damage as the charge attack anyway.
  3. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    I thought the "age" part was because it's a coming-of-age story? I don't remember if that was an idea I saw in the documentary, that I read somewhere, or that I made up in my own brain, but it feels like a reasonable way to interpret that.
  4. I would just like to point out that after the scene with Donna in the bar there is a brief cut to James that everyone should go back and watch. He does a totally inexplicable slouch move where he springs off the pole with his neck and then sits down and puts his head in his hands and I don't understand how that take ended up in the show. As a bonus, the scene even has that terrible "just you..." song which cuts off awkwardly as it fades to commercial. It's ~24 min into the episode, go watch it. EDIT: I mad it into .gif:
  5. Cartoons!

    Wait fuck I just noticed that, am I an idiot? Pretty sure it's totally obvious and I am, in fact, an idiot.
  6. At he beginning of this episode I was exited that Dr Jacoby was back, but that went away pretty quickly when I realized that he's probably back to be part of the Nadine thread. Also, even though the Nadine amnesia/super strength thing was insane from minute one, I feel like this is the episode where it really starts going off the rails.
  7. Idle thumbs sponsor deals

    I believe this sort of thing is generally not written down so that it's harder for bots to scrape the web for promo codes. Or at least I assume that's the reason.
  8. Sentence with a Lie and a Truth

    You were actually created in a lab? With two dicks?
  9. Games giveaway

    When you buy Gravity Ghost you also get a second gift copy. If any of y'all want to float about in space let me know I'll hook you up. Edit: Ghost game has been claimed.
  10. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    My understanding of the floating eye situation (and keep in mind this is coming from a perspective of not having played nethack) is that the warning it gives before you attack is mostly there for experienced players, so they can move quickly through an area you already explored and not get totally fucked because a particular monster appeared. Basically, nobody who already knows what a floating eye does will ever attack one except by accident (or in rare circumstances), so they added a way to avoid frustrating deaths without having to remove the monster. Also, is the warning it gives "attacking this will probably paralyze you" or is it more like "are you sure you want to do that?". If it's the latter that's still pretty dangerous to an inexperienced player.
  11. There's a song you can play that halves (I think) the clock speed, I assume that's what he meant. I should clarify, though, that my problem with the game is not that there isn't enough time to complete a given task. Actually, whenever I was in a dungeon was when I was most able to let myself enjoy the game. Once you got to a dungeon, you had a specific goal and a full cycle, and afterwards you reset time but that's fine because you got what you came for. The problem is, when you aren't in a dungeon there are basically two states you can be in. Either you have specific short term goals, in which case I never felt like I could tell what parts would persist past a reset so I was always paranoid, or you're exploring the world and looking for side quests, in which case every time I didn't find something it felt like I had just wasted a bunch of time. It doesn't even seem like these are problems people like the game in spite of, it seems like they are aspects that people who like the game don't consider to be problems at all. I think that just means it's not a game for me.
  12. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    Finally finished all of the challenges and fully upgraded the shop. Now I'm only a handful of items away from !platinum god. I still haven't unlocked yet though, because that seems like kind of a pain.
  13. This is interesting to me because it is very much the opposite of how I felt. Because of the constant ticking clock I always felt like any time I spent not clearing a dungeon or otherwise progressing the main quest was time that I was wasting. If I go exploring and don't find anything, too bad start over. If I go exploring and do find something but don't have enough time to finish it, too bad start over. Even though I understand in my brain that the time limit is plenty long to get things done, the fact that it's there at all makes it really hard for me to enjoy the game the way I want to. Part of me wishes I could get past this, since almost everything else about the game appeals to me, but every time I've tried I've ended up getting frustrated after a couple hours.
  14. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    the question mark item is what items appear as if you have a "curse of the blind" floor and it's probably my least favorite curse, or possible right after the one that makes you hp invisible. Honestly I don't think I'm a huge fan of the curse mechanic in general, they mostly make the game harder in ways I find annoying rather than interesting.
  15. Life

    It's actually just an N64 cartridge of Glover.
  16. Its beginning to look a lot like GOTY

    I Hadn't heard about many of the games on that list, but the ones that I've played were all great, so I'll have to check the rest out. I'm also glad to see Here and There Along the Echo on there, I was probably my personal GOTY (more than KR0 act III actually) and I didn't know if anyone else had even played it.
  17. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Alright, so, aside from the obvious reasons that this is terrible, I think it might be the worst designed custom MTG card I've ever seen. Let's make a list of the things wrong with it, from the top down: 1) What kind of font is that? It's hard to read and MTG doesn't even use wierd fonts. 2) The mana cost is (5), but the card uses the white card frame, so either it's colorless and has the wrong frame or it's white and the mana cost is wrong. Based on the jesus/saint theme I assume it's supposed to be the latter. 3) The card name calls him "Saint" but the picture seems to be Jesus with Milo's head. Last I checked Jesus wasn't a saint but I guess I can let this slide. 4) The proper format for the type line is "card type - subtype" and "savior of gamerkin" is not a card type. It should be written as "Creature - Journalist" or perhaps "Creature - Savior" 5) Having 2 types of counters on the same card is confusing, since it can be hard to differentiate between different types of counters. 6) White card are generally not supposed to destroy creatures outright. They either retaliate against an attacker, remove temporarily, or give the opponent something in return. The choice to make it target only "professional victims" makes it especially thematically inappropriate for a white card. 7) Having the "destroy target professional victim" ability be one time use and tied to the removal of the counter is really clumsy. If you cared about destroying something, you wouldn't play milo until there was already a target in play, and if you did your opponent would hold off playing and targets until milo was removed. Why not just have it destroy something when it comes in to play? 8) The last ability is at least in-color for white (untapping creatures and angry mobs are both things white can do), and it makes more mechanical sense than the previous ability, but untapping creatures is usually more interesting if your opponent doesn't know you can do it, so you can create surprise blockers. This ability would probably just make combat planning more difficult in a way that wouldn't be interesting. 9) I don't really understand what snarky wit and brittish accents have to do with destroying people and untapping mobs 10) 4/6 seems like a weird size for a single person. There are only 7 4/6 white creatures in the game and they are all either angels, large beasts, or groups of people. Edit: 11) Also terrible photoshop job, by which I probably mean mspaint job. Anyway, that apparently is what I have to say on the topic.
  18. I want to watch the version of Twin Peaks that just follows Hawk while he does normal police work.
  19. Netrunner!

    My understanding is that non-agenda cards that can be advanced will say so on the card, and will say what the advancement tokens do in that case. Otherwise I don't think non-agendas can be advanced. I'm still pretty new to this game though, so I may be wrong.
  20. Where in the World - Idle Thumbs Map

    Hm, either my pin disappeared or it was completely covered by jennegatron's. Does this map work properly if there are multiple people in the same city/postal code?
  21. Where in the World - Idle Thumbs Map

    This is a neat idea, thanks for setting it up!
  22. Criminey, It's Christmas (2015-)!

    The best Christmas movie is clearly Scrooged, it's not even up for debate.
  23. Life

    Well, you did draw some pretty cool pokemon, so that's something.
  24. Awesome Games Done Quick 2015

    Yeah, that HL2 ep2 was crazy. I watched a speedrun of that game years ago and it was cool to see how much more thoroughly it's been broken since then.
  25. Outsourced boss fights are still better than no boss fights. How disappointing would it be if the Fire Witch died in a cut scene?