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  1. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    GECK should be released soon. I believe it is in beta right now, maybe open beta. I also released my first mod with my first ever model and texture I made! It's all very exciting, for me at least. The spec maps are really hard to make and I still haven't figured it out yet. I think right now it's one of the biggest things holding back my model. Has anyone seen any articles or GDC talks about designing good levels or quests? I want to start writing and developing quest mods but I'd like to do some research on how to make a not-shit quest.
  2. Stardew Valley

    I'm just a poor simple fisherman who can't get a wife, on account of only ever giving fish to the people of the town. At least I have you, Linus.
  3. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    I wonder how the settlement building system would react to being used in an interior cell, or if it's even possible. Maybe the vault assets could be moved to the settlement building system, so you can plop giant vault doors all around the wasteland. That would be cool.
  4. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    Anyone else thinking about doing some mod work when the GECK comes out? I'm planning on making some more quest content and I've started learning to how to model to help me out with that. It's going . . . well? This is the first model I've ever made on my own. It Conquered the World! I think it's more or less done, might tweak it a little bit, add some barnacle things to its hands, maybe mess with the claws. I have no clue if this is good or bad or what kind of terrible obvious mistakes I'm making. I'd really like to get an experienced modeler take a look at it and give me some feedback but I don't know any and I'm not sure where to ask. I really hope I didn't do anything that would make the future rigging and animation difficult, as I haven't yet learned anything about that.

    A trick I learned in the katana-only run is that if you throw your current weapon AT the dude you're about to hotswap into you can swap and grab it out of the air as soon as you gain control. It feels so good. As for the meta-narrative, I didn't really read it as being fully about freewill. It was more about becoming obsessed and consumed by a game. I loved the meta-narrative stuff, I don't expect it to hold up to a ton of analysis but I don't really think it needs to. Bummer the FMV never made it into the game, although there is an ascii version of it in the directories.

    SUPER HOT is the most innovative shooter I've played in years. Actual Content Edit: I played 4 hours of this game today. It's fantastic. When the game first came out as prototype I would post SUPER. HOT. SUPER. HOT. etc to my friends in chatrooms and I'm glad that is apparently canon behavior.
  7. XCOM 2

    My first time doing that mission I had a relatively easy time of it. The device was pretty close to my ramp so it wasn't too hard to get LOS on it and squadsight it away. On my iron man run . . . . We landed in a really thick forest, and the device was super far away and directly behind a thick transformer. Geralt of Riva and some balding dude sacrificed themselves to ensure it went down while the rest of my team sprinted to safety (a beserker was still active)
  8. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    Guess I'll have to pick up the season pass before the 1st then. I haven't touched Fallout for a long time, maybe this will get me back into it. I ran into too many annoying bugs and couldn't continue the mainplot so I just burned out. That, plus being basically immortal and all powerful took a lot of the drive of playing away. I think I might start a new character and install some mods that make leveling slower. Might make things more interesting. Also, this new landmass being an island gets me really excited. Like I said before, I was actually expecting the Glowing Sea to be a real goddamn sea and was disappointed to learn it wasn't (also that it wasn't reeeally that deadly). Maybe there will be cool water exploration? I just want Fallout: Sunless Sea!
  9. XCOM 2

    I started my second playthrough on ironman this time. I like it a lot more, not being able to save scum has forced me to accept defeat and pull out on some missions, or to simply achieve the objective and bail without killing all the enemies. I noticed that in missions that will set back dark events & give other rewards, blowing up the data xmitter or hacking the node or whatever will ensure that the dark event is delayed. However, unless all enemies are killed and the mission is completed normally the other rewards will not be obtained. I like that this adds degrees of success essentially. Oh, skulljacking only happens twice for plot reasons. Skullmining is the thing you'll actually be doing a lot of. It really annoys me that they don't remove the 'skulljack' icon from my list of hot keys after it becomes irrelevant, or that skullmining and skulljacking were just the same thing. Weird choice. Also, I'm about to get my hands dirty with modding. I'm planning rounding up my friends and recording Japanese language voicepacks for character customization. Should be interesting!
  10. XCOM 2

    I personally open engagements with explosives, follow up with some explosives, and usually finish up with a few clean-up explosives. Mind-control and hacking lets me use enemy explosives!
  11. XCOM 2

    I thought for sure Jane Kelly was going to die due to failing to kill three avatars with reaper (brought down the first in the chain to 1hp!). As the turn shifted to aliens, I suddenly got the achievement for killing three aliens in one turn using a single soldier, no explosives. I then watched all three avatars try to melee her as she bladestormed them all to deaths. Magnificent. I've seen almost all the enemies in the game but I think the codexs give me the most trouble. The gatekeepers and sectopods are really deadly and beefy, sure, but they're easy to manage and deal with. The codexs are extremely unpredictable and capable of some really nasty attacks. I would say that they're #1 priority for me, but even then they can potentially soak up three of my soldiers attention if the first hit isn't an instakill. That being said, grenades to provoke them into splitting up followed by a gunslingers faceoff killing them all is verrrry nice. --Edit: Sectopods are my favorite enemy because they are hilarious. They're so loud that you'll always know they're on the map instantly, and if you miss that somehow the sounds of cover and buildings exploding as they patrol will do it. The first time one stood up to smash his head through the 2nd story floor and start shooting at my guys up there was incredible.
  12. I had no expectations for this to be any good or interesting but after watching Gaintbomb's beta-look I was pretty impressed. I've placed it on my radar and might consider picking it up if it gets a PC release. It would be nice to have a small team of thumbs to play through the game with.
  13. XCOM 2

    This game is so, so good. I love almost all the changes they made to it from the first one. I never knew what I really needed in my life was actual time limits to force me to move fast. I would like maybe just an extra turn on the counter in general, or maybe a way to delay the time limit inside the map somewhere but it's not that big a deal. I lost all but one of my soldiers to a VIP extraction. Seeing that one lone soldier in the sky ranger was kinda gut-punch moment. Later on I got a random extraction mission and manage to rescue the captured Jane Kelly. I changed her personality to twitchy to reflect her time in captivity. Does the game randomly add scars to gravely wounded soldiers? I had one soldier who didn't have any scars when I got her and now has a big burn on her cheek, but I can't remember adding it myself.
  14. Longplays and Let's Plays?

    I was thinking I should watch in release order or post order. He knows more about those games than I do so he must've chosen that order for a reason. My interest is more 'academic' regarding the games themselves, rather than their narrative content. Maybe after I finish I'll go grab The Witness since J. Blow has said he intended to make a modern Myst. Oh, speaking of Chip Cheezum, he had a stream where he covered Pyst, that horrible, horrible, 'parody' of Myst (Featuring John Goodman!)
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    If you have Netflix then The Good, The Bad, and the Weird is really good. Kimchi Western set in 1930s Manchuria during the Japanese occupation. A lot of really creative and dynamic action scenes. The intro train robbery scene should, at the very least, be checked out.