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  1. The ship: fruitcake steam cruise.

    I worry this ship has sailed, taking its 295 unused codes with it. LOOK OUT FOR ICEBERGS!
  2. What does your view look like?

    Not the most inspiring of days to have not the most inspiring of views! Still, it's a great spot for "working".
  3. I'm now trying to work some of those into my next presentation at work. Hell, I could almost use these as my next presentation with almost no editing...
  4. The ship: fruitcake steam cruise.

    Hmmm. Whoever took the * and ^ aren't playing nicely; come on share the love codes fruitcake.
  5. Yet I always thought pride came before a fall. Though Neptune's Fall : Rising has a certain something.
  6. Glad to hear there's a sequel to Neptune's Pride on the way. I hope they call it Neptune's Fall.
  7. The ship: fruitcake steam cruise.

    So much for the economy! I think there needs to be some quantitative easing - release the 300 codes, boys!
  8. 'Tis I:
  9. The ship: fruitcake steam cruise.

    Fruit me up good too please! Fondue3 on steam. Never played The Ship, but the latest podcast makes it sound a boatload of fun.
  10. Idle Thumbs Shirts

    Cheese squiggles! (Although you may get sued by Lucasarts Disney)