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  1. Sports!

    As a Red Sox fan I'm not at all surprised. I have a really hard time not being happy for Terry Francona, I didn't want the Sox to lose, but I wish Cleveland all the best.
  2. Sports!

    So, post-season baseball is here. I'm still trying to get over the game last night, as a Red Sox fan I was expecting it to be crazy because it's been a crazy division, but still that was nuts. Edit: but not as crazy as the NL game, man what great fucking game.
  3. Beyond Good and Evil 2

    Pretty much this. Combined with "preproduction" and this is back off my radar.
  4. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    New Bon Iver, still don't know how I feel about it, but it's definitely Bon Iver
  5. Sports!

    Anyone watching the World Cup of Hockey? The USA just got smashed by Canada, which is about what I expected. At this point I'm just rooting for players on teams I like.
  6. Duolingo - TWO LANGUAGE-O

    Is it safe to assume that that is the same as the Danish "hygge"? My sister went to university in Copenhagen and then lived in Denmark for a couple years so she speaks Danish and as a result I have somewhat of an understanding of what it is.
  7. What is the Nadir of the Simpsons?

    Do most people not like it? I always thought most people did and it's was mainly Matt Groening that had a big problem with it. Whatever the case, I like it a lot.
  8. PL4YST4TION 4

    Out of curiosity does anyone here currently watch 4k content via streaming? I have the Netflix package that let's me watch 4k stuff but my Internet is right on the edge of being able to keep up and having the quality settings go up and down multiple times throughout a show is just distracting.
  9. PL4YST4TION 4

    Hmmm, I have a 4k tv and was already planning on getting a ps4 and not supporting 4k blurays is kind of a bummer. Not that I plan on watching a lot of 4k movies, but it's weird. I might just get a used vanilla ps4 if they become cheap due to people upgrading to the pro. For what it's worth I don't really care about 4k I only have it because most newer tvs have it now and I happened to buy a TV this year.
  10. ketchup on pizza

    As someone who grew up with a dad who my entire life never missed an episode of A Prairie Home Companion I'm ashamed that I didn't think of APHC this entire thread. Also after thinking it over I take back everything I said bad about ketchup.
  11. ketchup on pizza Was browsing Slickdeals today and saw this on the front page and knew you guys would be stoked. Can't believe it has so many up votes (yes I can).
  12. Stranger Things

    That's definitely a possibility, regarding expectations going in, and I did think the child actors were better than most child actors (outside of Stand By Me).
  13. Stranger Things

    So I finally finished Stranger Things and this is where I am, but maybe even more so (I definitely won't watch season 2). I don't know what it is, I totally went in expecting to love the show and even told people to check it out before I had seen it, but once I was halfway through I just got this feeling of dread that comes with realizing that I'm totally not that interested in something that everyone else is in love with. I really just found it really uninteresting. Everyone else I know binged the show and I absolutely couldn't, it took me until now to finish it because I couldn't watch more than one episode at a time, and for a lot of the episodes I couldn't get through them in one sitting because I had such a hard time getting engaged. I'm still trying to figure out where it went wrong for me. It just never did anything new, every plot beat was an obvious and predictable callback to something else. Normally nostalgia works for me too. I love Wet Hot American Summer, a week ago I watched it twice in one day. Everybody Wants Some!! is still my favorite movie I've seen this year (Linklater nostalgia is a completely different type of nostalgia though). So I guess maybe I'm just not that big of a fan of what the show is trying to ape, maybe? I like a lot of 80's movies, but I'll admit that I'm not that into Wes Craven and John Carpenter movies compared to Rob Reiner and John Hughes movies. One of the main things that threw me off was I actually loved Super 8 when a lot of people seemed not that into it. And I'm digging Brian K Vaughn's Paper Girls. Something about Stranger Things just never clicked with me. It just feel like one of those times where I know someone is going to love a movie and it's exactly the type of thing they dig and I finally get them to sit down to watch it and they don't really like it and the person I showed it to was me. Ending on a positive note, I will say the show is super fucking slick. I also totally loved the music as much as everyone else. I liked it in Drive and I liked it here. Also, watching the show made me want to go back and watch Stand By Me which I hadn't seen in years and that movie is incredible. Also, I realized that part of the problem is that the 80's nostalgia show that I want already exists and it's Freaks and Geeks.
  14. ketchup on pizza

    That just gave me ptsd flashbacks of this shit. All of a sudden I'm realizing how many bad repressed memories I have of ketchup. Like in 2nd grade there was a girl who would use a packet of ketchup on each individual chicken nugget at lunch in the school cafeteria. Why!? It was 20 years ago and I'm still furious.
  15. What is the Nadir of the Simpsons?

    Man I never actually posted in this thread despite knowing it existed when it was first made (I was in the middle of rewatching seasons 1-10 at the time). Since then I've done another series rewatch, this time trying to go as far as I possibly could before stopping, and while I haven't officially quit I'm on season 18 and haven't felt like watching any more in months. I originally dropped off around season 12 of the original broadcasts and hadn't seen any of the new-new episodes, but last fall I tried watching the most recent TOH. I stopped less than 30 seconds in when Bart and Milhouse were on their phones sending each other emojis and it was just the worst. Edit: at some point Mission Hill was brought up a page or two back. I love Mission Hill.
  16. ketchup on pizza

    For the record are we talking about specifically regular Heinz type ketchup here or are we including artisanal catsups as well? Personally I don't like either variety, but when it comes to the mustard game the distinction matters because I hate the normal yellow French's type mustards, but like others.
  17. Sports!

    Curious where people stand as far as superstitions and sports go. A couple days ago the Giants had a no hitter until the last out in the 9th and it was interesting seeing people I know who are not superstitious about anything else in life go through so much effort to not talk about the no hitter while we were watching the game. Personally I don't care, one of my friends who isn't really into baseball asked what everyone was so worked up over and I just said "Oh, the Giants have a no hitter going". Vin Scully also was constantly bringing it up and annoying people I was watching it with (Yeah I watched the Dodgers broadcast of a Giants game, Vin Scully is the best thing in baseball and I'm gonna miss him).
  18. Movie/TV recommendations

    Watched terms of Endearment, basically the only thing I can come up with that I didn't like is that I was baited into thinking Danny Divito was in it when he basically wasn't. Other than that it was great, I went in knowing literally nothing about it other than it was a movie James L Brooks made before Broadcast News.
  19. ketchup on pizza

    So not to come off as a ketchup apologist, but there's not that many alternatives for burgers. Thousand island isn't any better.
  20. Hearthstone: Because what Magic really needed was F2P mechanics

    I also agree. I only play pretty casually, but I've been able to make it to ranks 3-5 with decks with easy to get cards. I don't have any legendaries (well I have Illidan which I got from my very first free pack and I have N'zoth, but I don't have Sylvanas or Cairne so I don't run it) and not even a lot of epics. It is annoying, before standard I couldn't run most priest decks because I don't have a single light bomb, but there are simple decks that are as good as anything else. For me whether I enjoy or don't enjoy losing comes down to what deck I'm playing and what my win/lose conditions are relative to my opponents. If I'm playing against an OTK warrior and am shaman then it comes down to just playing my taunt minions at the right time and controlling his card draw. If I lose it's usually because I did something wrong, but it's no big deal. If I'm priest I don't really have a reliable way to win or any sort of objective to aim for so it's frustrating. If I'm playing OTK warrior I have to get the cards for my combo before they get an answer so I'm not really to excited one way or the other regardless of what happens because it's a brainless deck.
  21. Hearthstone: Because what Magic really needed was F2P mechanics

    Man the cards in the new adventure all seem terrible.
  22. ketchup on pizza

    The real divisive question is whether people put ketchup on hotdogs.
  23. When does DS9 start getting good? I just started watching it and so far it's falling flat for me. The characters for the most part don't seem super interesting (basically I just like Odo and Quark), but I'm assuming they develop as the show goes on. It seems like there's a lot of setup going on in the episodes so I'm assuming at some point things pick up?
  24. Pokemon GO

    So as I've mentioned across the street from me is a cemetery that is a gym and also has a bunch of stops in it. It's also directly across the street from a middle school. My friend went over there today and sent me a picture showing me all the stops with lures and saying how it's just packed full of middle school kids walking all over on their phones and oh yeah it's in the middle of a funeral.
  25. Pokemon GO

    I was going to say basically the same thing on account of the fact that the cemetery I previously mentioned is now constantly swarmed by tons of teens walking around with their phones out. But yeah that link beats that.