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  1. haha, jake talking about tf2 "..someone who is either destroying me or I'm being destroyed by...". Even unconsciously, he makes no bones about his tf2 prowess.
  2. pitch: in a confluence of terrible/overambitious ideas, I'm going to try and mix idle thumbs (a video game podcast) with solium infernum (a hex-based strategy game, where nightmare demigods vie for control of hell). Since the two are so similar I don't expect any hiccups. solium is entirely about player manipulation and politicking, which ai can't handle, so predictably there's no singleplayer. As multiplayer is way beyond me, I'm going instead to try and create a (very basic) turn-based strategy game, which should be plenty adequate to stretch my meager ass programming skills to breaking. But mostly I wanna focus on that sweet demonic flavor!
  3. a divine exodus of snakes

    thanks z! ---- fog (clouds?) of war, moving units around, and other things I'm forgetting! started drawing the rest of the cast + progress on the first three: though I've discovered it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a strong likeness the more rendering you do >:-I
  4. haha that's fantastic. idea: a timer to pick the right face, and an internalization meter which goes up with concurrent successes making it increasingly short.
  5. awesome progress! the pipes are becoming prettier daily. as a next step I'd suggest playing with ambient light. Shading with pure black (ie 0 color/saturation) tends to look rather ugly. Here's a quick edit of your colored pipes: got a bit over-saturated, but hopefully it's a helpful comparison! And if you wanna get really fancy you can start building pipes with complementary color schemes, but maybe that's a bridge too far :-P
  6. [Dev log] I Am Suspicious of Myself

    I'm no expert on text adventures, but twine is the engine I see mentioned about 100x more then any other.
  7. a divine exodus of snakes

    today I added mouse scrolling (thus: giant map), a handful of new tiles, structure/unit databases, a bevy of unseen code, and began a spreadsheet to figure out mechanics -- which I'll make public and throw in here once it's a little further along. Coming up with units is a lot of fun. So far every one is an idle thumbs reference, but they get a little, uh, esoteric, and I'm curious if people will be able to puzzle them out.
  8. a divine exodus of snakes

    nope, I'm a mega novice when it comes to (non-roguelike) turn-based games. Looks fascinating though, I'll download it tonight. thanks nappi! now if only this junk-ass forum software didn't resize all my precious aliased pixels *shake fist*
  9. nice progress so far! it's like screensaver revivalism. I wonder if dropping the space background and making everything pretty colors would be more striking though? something like the mirror's edge dlc (which is the only example springing to mind right now), with lots of matte white & bright primary colors.
  10. [RELEASE] The Hypersonic Effect

    rad! If I'm remembering right the hypersonic effect is just sounds you can't hear, so a game you can't play with loads of amazing ui would be a pretty amazing joke
  11. a divine exodus of snakes

    *wiggles eyebrows at jake* and thanks phill, I hope so! ----- progress! Looking less eye-wateringly honeycomby, plus a fair bit of under the hood coding. Objects are now built from a little json database - as opposed to being hard coded - and clicking one sets it as the focus, popping up buttons for each action it has. No idea what those actions actually are yet, but I'm sure it'll be useful! currently I'm thinking the main gimmick of the game will be simultaneous turns. You'll have a small handful of slots to assign actions: move, build, etc. Then, when you end the turn, it executes all your/the ai's actions at the same time. I'm sure there's a lot of unforeseen programming challenges to this, but I can fall back on more standard turns if it proves too tough.
  12. a divine exodus of snakes

    continued work on the hexes, trying to make a nice looking board. Random vertical shifting on all the tiles made for some interesting texture: but I decided I'd rather it look a little less obviously board-gamey - so I made each individual tile more subtle, and ditched the shifting for now: looks like honeycomb now, but I think if I erase a few of the borders it'll create nice zig-zaggy patterns and start to look more like natural terrain. I also started adding objects to the tiles (as evidenced by the mountains), but haven't dove too deep on that yet. In the meantime, another character joins the cast! need to give her a slightly fiercer expression though ( * ^ * )
  13. a divine exodus of snakes

    thanks everyone! Ideally the game will look completely serious to anyone unfamiliar with thumbs lore, which is proving an interesting challenge, haha not directly; in an effort to keep things light & speedy I didn't lay much groundwork (collecting reference, etc) before starting. I just enjoy sticking horns and floaty bits on everything :B
  14. a divine exodus of snakes

    starting off! whipped up some hexes, and got them drawing in the right place. I'm using gamemaker, so in theory I can export to html5 and host it on itchio, which will be pretty slick if it works: next was (my real passion) some art. Shooting for full thumbs roster representation, here's the initial lineart for Remo The Infinite and The Great Bird:
  15. ok the mouth entrance made me want to do a whole park where the theme is going inside a huge monster. Concessions might need to be made however, because the camera seems mighty unwieldy inside an enclosed area. Unless there's a way to make it not pivot around a point? entrance is lookin' mad spooky though!
  16. nightlight park! fixed the time at 1am and went wild with ambient lights: glowing demon maw entrance :B
  17. tragically, I discovered you can disable the guard rails entirely only after I'd placed all the paths. and it's a, uh, danger gap!? Polishing your park to withstand street view scrutiny requires rather a lot of finesse. Fixing all the clipping, gaps, and awkwardness could be an hours long process that strides uncomfortably close to a polish pass on an actual game you're working on :-P and same deal with constructing props. A reasonably complex custom building could take hours, because you really are just using 3D modeling tools, except with prebuilt chunks rather then raw vertexes. this game is going to be some peoples 'this is all I need for a decade' creative outlet, but I'm a bit curious how much staying power it'll have for a more casual audience.
  18. hey! bought this when nick first streamed it, and didn't realize it was playable yet. First impressions are real strong. I started with challenge mode ($8k starting cash iirc?) and this is where I'm at after ~4 hours: weep, ocd park designers, at my desert labyrinth I made all the rides black/orange for an industrial equipment look, and spruced up the desert props with enigmatic black pyramids so many great aspects to this game, and every feature you build gives you ideas for others. Already thinking my next park will lean on all the little real-time lighting props -- they look incredible at night (and you can lock the time at any point). worth noting though that this game is heavily weighted towards sandbox rather then sim. I've found it trivial to keep my park in the green, and elaborate coasters are the only thing that costs a substantial amount.
  19. yo chris! stumbled across this the other day, and thought you'd appreciate it as an erstwhile calculator mario jockey: a 3D engine for the TI-83, written in assembly and running on the the calculators 6megahertz processor (blog post about it here)
  20. [dev log] Creature Thing

    fascinating idea for a game! That typewriter is great, and aiming for a very specific aesthetic will be really valuable. chair scene would look fantastic with some simple textures and better rendering (cast shadows/less banding/some diffused light) but having to wait 6 months to do significant work seems like it'd be a severe knock to motivation. good luck either way!
  21. february voxn gets his wish! and it sounds even more substantial then I was expecting. Super cool!
  22. Idle Thumbs Streams

    heads up for anyone picking up Plant Coaster after watching the streams: you can't actually play till the beta starts in november. It's easy to gloss over that part if you just skim the steam page (like I did).
  23. oh no, sad to see this axed! I started rereading the series when the podcast was mentioned, and just finished. Was somewhat apprehensive about how it would hold up - especially after the extremely light first novel - but the core of these books is as radiant as I remembered. had no idea there was a new play out, which, judging by the reactions, was for the best. Though it was probably the catalyst for the podcast in the first place?
  24. Rimworld

    I decided to embrace catastrophe and am learning the game on a harder difficulty. Three colonies deep so far: Vampireshire: lasted until summer where a critical mass of sadness/heatwave had most of the colony wandering around naked and unresponsive. Neo Hogwarts X: overran by raiders. Previous raiders were easily dispatched tribals - so I skimped on defenses - then a five man squad arrived with automatic weapons and frag grenades. The most badass conceivable lady, an 84 year old woman w/ pump shotgun and pet fox, almost fought them back, but the colony was so crippled I gave it up. House of the Anime Queen: I was absolutely crushing this game; loads of guns, heavily fortified, people who did things, orbital trading, a cemetery of dispatched raiders. Surely I can take down this lone Trumbo. Owl Shrine: current game! Had an amazing storyline where I captured a raider in an early skirmish, and finally convinced her to join the colony after months of resistance. The best warrior by magnitudes, she died defending the colony from another raid only weeks after the restraints came off, singlehandedly winning the battle by flanking around a mountain with a broadsword she'd forged herself. owl shrine lives on though, and has survived almost a year now, taking down multiple organized raiding parties, a herd of mad mufallo, and surviving a fire that consumed almost the entire map.
  25. Idle Thumbs Streams

    watching the latest Rimworld stream archive, and I'm confused. Your base was below freezing / everyone was dying of hypothermia and you didn't build more heaters? I haven't played Rimworld, and you kept saying there was nothing you could do, so I'm probably missing something? really enjoying the streams though - especially Nick's sculptures - and just bought the game myself. Going to try the ol 'crank the difficulty and see how long I can survive' approach.