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    Video Games.Cinema.Books (I'm trying to read things)


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    In a place where we make beaujolais
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    I bred Radsters.
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    A business that is none of your business.
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    FartsCry 2,Half Life & Limbo of the lost of course.
  1. New website!

    Just in love...The Founder's Wall...I'm Breathless... The Book Club,what the hell is this.My eyes,... can't see Dang that header for the Idle Book Club... Pure Majesty. Those podcast pages...Great lords... Argh my breath,... can't hold it. (Oh No, the funny little easter eggs on the names diseappeared ,I liked that a lot)
  2. Really great podcast guys,quite a discovery of that Kohan game.It seems such a fascinating mix between a COH for the Unit based game & Total War or Civilization for the map control.
  3. Your first gaming device...

    A usual nes as a gift for my brother's birthday . Really great memories about all my brothers & family gathering around the Tv to understand how to plug that damn thing & then watching endlessly the intro scene of Super Mario Bros 3 & dying on the first goomba. & playing contra & dying on the first damn screen over & over. :violin:Fun Times.
  4. Three Moves Ahead joins Idle Thumbs

    Really great to see two top quality podcast collaborating together.Let's hope for the best for both of them. :clap:
  5. Sim City V

    Wow ,I'm totally on board to play this .Hope to see some crazy disasters.I've always liked that sort of controlled randomness thing in the series. "You begin to stall & see all your city being torn apart with drugs & crimescene. And then Babooom,the earthquake you called rise up & destroy your nicest district to pieces with anything left but just the shitty one. & The poop facility of course " I'm thrilled,Soo great

    Just saw the homepage for a second when the counter was at zero, gone a little bit to eat & boom,crazy.Congrats guys.Long live the thumbs. :violin:

    Wow, a new challenger appeared,it's a nice touch. We all need a little bit of BlumGold BlastFace in our lives.
  8. New people: Read this, say hi.

    :woohoo:Well... Hello people of Idlethumbs .Just thought it was the right time to register. I've been listening to the podcast since the beginning of the Nick Breedon & Hotscoops era & I'ts been a while since then.And then I saw that enigmatic frontpage (Mid February 2012) & just thought it was the right time to register to talk about Vidgamez with that community those kids talk everyday about. Also,:trumpet sounds (or baboo,who knows how I have to spell it).