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  1. Idle Thumbs 233: World of Blanks

    I didn't even consider the combo chaining stuff until Chris mentioned it on the podcast. I spent my early runs just trying to use every upgrade and get a feel for the controls. Soon as I got Levitate and heard about combos, the game became all about that. I no longer care if I even get to World 2, I just need that constant combo sensation. As for the World 3 question, I got there once and felt super jazzed. For the few seconds that I survived, I figured out that you get more air by killing enemies, so a combo run there with Levitate would probably be fine. My kneejerk reaction to Chris/a lot of people online swearing by PC over iOS was "Come on! You can progress completely fine with the iOS controls" but as soon as you start doing combo runs, you realize that you really do need that finesse to juke back and forth quickly.
  2. The End of Mad Men: "Severance"

    Wow, I didn't even think that the theme could be interpreted as anything other than a suicide, considering everything that surrounded Lane/the show's obsession with death/passing over to other sides. But I really, really like Sarah's idea that the theme visuals represent characters going through this colossal shift, and landing right back where they started. That's the show in a nutshell, imo. Breaking Bad was about people changing, and Mad Men, to me, is about people trying and failing to change. Peggy and Joan slid back into gender and workplace discussions, Don has gone through so much that he's pretty much a parody of what he is seen as by so much of the real world (boozy, womanizing douche), and Ken is holding onto dreams of being a writer, but letting them go to work again. If anything, I want to see where this theory takes Betty before the end of the show. I know she gets a lot of flak, but I find her so fascinating.
  3. The End of Mad Men: "Severance"

    So I really didn't expect such a weirdly harsh negative response to my first post on this forum I also don't follow Mad Men's online community very well, but I more used the theme suicide scene to prompt discussion about the show as a whole's direction. Of course Don isn't going to actually jump off a roof, but isn't it entertaining to hear why people think that will happen? I thought the episode was quietly powerful, and the podcast was excellent as well. My email that they read at the end explains what I was trying to say in this forum much better, even if I did mix up the end of S7 part 1 and the end of S6.
  4. The End of Mad Men: "Severance"

    Oh man, can't wait for this podcast to get rolling! A lot of talk has come out over the last few years RE: how Mad Men will end. Do any of you believe the "Don will jump out a window like in the theme" theory? I don't, but I'd like to hear where people think all the major characters are going as the 1960s come to an end.
  5. No Man's Sky

    The most fascinating thing about this game to me is how we're all filling in the blanks of what it will actually be. Even after seeing the devs on Giant Bomb's E3 show, I still feel like I only have a vague grasp of it, but I'm weirdly dying to play it. I think it's just refreshing to not know exactly what a game is from trailers for once. If it can really recreate that sense of exploration from games like Skyrim without being repetitive, I'm already sold.
  6. Torchlight II

    I've played most of the way through the demo with all of the classes, and I still can't decide which one to play when I get the full game. Loving the Outlander's DPS options and speed, but the Engineer's robot control and spells seem like they could be really cool over time...
  7. Deus Ex 3

    Like most people, the very first mission in Deus Ex kind of scared me away, and nothing else I saw of it made it look more appealing. Also, that twist was spoiled for me. However, I really want to play this new one, but I'd prefer it on the PC. Problem is that I've had an extremely low-end PC for the last four years or so. So, hopefully, if and when I do upgrade, I'll give the new game a shot. Really weird how not a lot of reviews are out yet since it comes out Tuesday...
  8. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey everyone. I'm Allen from Massachusetts. I just turned 17, and I started listening to Idle Thumbs about a year and a half ago. Went through every single episode, and then there were only about 3 more before the finale. It was easily in my top 5 favorite podcasts. I was wondering if people still use the Idle Forums, so I thought I'd make an account and poke around to read old threads or to see who is still active.