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  1. Yay. No Minecraft for me for a while. I had to say goodbye to my desktop. I don't feel like replacing the motherboard, but I'll be building an Asus desktop soon. I'll be gone for a long period, but I wlil be back. Ciao!
  2. Hey guys, I'm going to mark off this big chunk of land, if that's okay? I finally found a good bit of motivation to build again, but bigger this time. I'll try my best to fence it off (most likely with dirt).
  3. I feed off motivation. Inspire me.

  4. Woah, I haven't been on so I haven't had the chance to check the forums. AteBit, that's pretty neat! I'd start working on things, blueprints, etc., once I start roaming the world far away from spawn.
  5. Conas atá tú? An bhfuil tú go maith?

  6. Apologies if it sounds like that.
  7. Crap, you posted before I did. My bad! But if you're not down with a castle (that was just a thought) we can definitely build another building. I'm up for any suggestions!
  8. I was never there for y's so I missed out on alot. I want to say big, but I don't know when Tabacco will re-roll or if he's just going to move spawn point somewhere else. So this is just a maybe if you all want in on this. I'm not good at castle designs but if you have anything on your mind, post away, let us know. And when I say big, I mean bigger than y's.
  9. A big castle. Erect a giant creeper statue in the courtyard.
  10. Forward medium punch, neutral medium punch -> Ultra 2 (Last Dread Dust). This character is all about one frame links. Challenge accepted!

  11. Yeah, I know. Even harder when there's rarely anyone on the server right now. But this might interest people! I'm up for the challenge
  12. My god... We need should do something like this. Team effort stuff
  13. Soul Calibur V

  14. Soul Calibur V

  15. Street Fighter IV

    Wait for the new hori fighting edge stick to release. The MadCatz VS stick should be still around (in brand new condition) on eBay sooner or later for cheaper That's what I did too! Mine costed about €170.00 including shipping. Worth every penny!
  16. Soul Calibur V

    Heh, I don't think so. I'm not offended. I'm always up for a decent discussion. Right & wrongs EDIT: Oh to answer your question "I forget if it's just someone who's cheap, or someone who uses the most common easy tactics, or someone who's lousy and blames it on everyone else."
  17. Soul Calibur V

    The community is large enough as it is. Not as big as eSports, but better than no players. If I lose, I lose. I wanted to get into League of Legends badly, but I just realized that it isn't my game so I stepped away & respected that decision. I just don't get why people get so salty. You're playing for fun, not for money, no wager (mainly aimed at the players that go to Fighting game casuals that I attend monthly). But don't get me wrong. I have been called a "retard", "fucking dipshit", laughed at hysterically & looked down on for doing badly at games I honestly don't care about/do care about. I respect my opponents but I won't say anything back when they play like ass at my game. Yet instead, I vent it out in my gameplay in fighters. It's my middle finger to them You somehow think this is aimed at you guys. Mainly just one, but the rest are aimed at the others at casuals. Many mans.
  18. Street Fighter IV

    Yeah, Sanwa buttons and Denshi joystick really makes a difference! I'm going to purchase some Seimitsu buttons & see what they're like. I can't wait for the new Hori Fighting Edge fightstick to be released! Designed by top players.
  19. Show me your desk/gaming space

    Looks beautiful!
  20. Street Fighter IV

    Are we still posting pictures of fightsticks? I wouldn't mind putting a few pics of mine. Modded. And if you guys are still looking to buy a stick, MadCatz TE stick round 1 OR 2 is the best on the market today. Round 1: Square gate, Round 2: Octagonal gate.
  21. Thinking of buying a new Capcom game? Resi games, Street Fighter X Tekken, upcoming Dragons Dogma? You may want to think twice. From what I have to say here is aimed at the higher-ups of Capcom, NOT the developers. So please don't spit fire at the public faces of Capcom, developers Yoshinori Onochin (who recently stepped down as developer) & Ayano-san. Not that many people knew about Capcoms business practices when they released Street Fighter IV. They eventually kept releasing newer, updated versions & in some cases, overcharged DLC. The game is finally finished now, 2-3 years later, leaving it to Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition version 2012. [street Fighter IV => Super Street Fighter IV => Super Street Fighter IV: Aracde Edition => Super Street Fighter IV: Aracde Edition v2012*] They kept bringing out new versions as people were unhappy about characters being "overpowered" & people kept "tier-whoring". In a way, I was frustrated that most of these unhappy players were all scrubs, but I'm glad they opened their mouths as I was finally able to play against a variety of characters. It's great that all the matches I find & join are not all Ryu/Sagat players, Yun/Yang. I now get Ryu & Blanka players. Blanka balls are more dangerous and Ryu's low forward is now +frames again. But that was about the updates. I'm not going to go into more detail about my gameplay experience. Street Fighter X Tekken was announced at GamesCom in Germany, fall, last year. Ono-san originally said he'd finish & release the game in 2013. Too bad one of the guys from the higher-ups of Capcom called him into the office and ordered him to release it by march 2012 (also mentioning they wanted it out before the world ends on 21-12-12, or 12/21/12. Which is absolutely ridiculous!). Ono-san and the dev team worked day and night. If Ono-san wasnt in the office developing, he was in a different country playing an alpha version of the game in a different country. Eventually, March came. Some people were able to break the street release of the game in their local Gamestop/Best buy and got it early. A bit unfair, as I tried myself & got told off. But I'm glad some certain individuals got it first. Hackers, to be exact. Yup, they hacked the disc and found lots of goodies! LOTS. 12 complete (COMPLETE) characters were locked on the disc, no way of accessing them without a dlc code that is supposed to be released in Fall, 2012. Alternate costumes were also on the disc. All of them. All gems were there too, along with gem slots, and complete color palettes. Why would they do such a thing? Selling us half a game at full price and selling the rest later? If everything was added up, when everything is finally released, everything would cost $120.00+ (That's IF you do decide to purchase DLC, alot of people will). Capcom: "We put the dlc on disc to save HDD space & you could view a characters alt costume if you didn't buy it but the other player has". Hmmm... Something isn't right. I can't put my mind to it. Choidoken walks into McDonalds. He orders a large Big Mac meal, Coke being his choice of drink. Now, the guy/girl at the till, says €9.00 (let's just say). Cooks everything. Puts everything on the tray. Fine. Meal paid. Before I'm handed the food, the manager comes along and takes half of my fries, takes the meat out of the burger and pours the entire Coke back into the machine. Manager then proceeds to say, "If you want the rest, it'll be another €10.00." That's kind of what it feels like. Yes, €9.00 isn't alot but when you are talking about a damn disc being €60 and then being asked to pay an extra €60,70,80 for the rest seems a bit overwhelming, no? Maybe Capcom have finally learned their lesson. But you never know because? It's Capcom. The developers didn't have enough time; New netcode needs to be fixed, fix the timer, sort out the Disc-Locked Content, the game itself still needs to be polished. Nothing was play-tested. I feel like we only have the beta version. They said that there won't be a "super" version. I'll hold you to it. For now, I'll use my copy to collect dust. Will Capcom have Disc-Locked Content for Dragons Dogma & future games? *v2012 was a free update but Arcade edition was released at €15.00 on PSN, while the disc version of AE was priced at €25.00 months later.
  22. Buying a new Capcom game? Think again!

    I did some reading, this was posted not too long ago. Katsuhiro Harada on DLC. "What is your stance on downloadable content in fighting games, and how to implement it without causing consumers to feel as if they purchased an incomplete product? No matter what method you employ for paid DLC, there are always going to be people in the community who see the game as an incomplete product, so I think this is unavoidable. There may be some people who say, "I have no complaints with the DLC for this game." There are always people who will disagree. I think whatever you do, there will always be debate about this, and there will always be some who are dissatisfied. On the other hand, are there really no complaints if you don't do DLC? For example, we didn't have any paid DLC for Tekken 6, and several months after release, I did receive a lot of feedback. People were telling me they wanted more content, even if it were paid content: "I would gladly pay an extra $10 if you added something to mode X or mode Z" and etc. It is difficult to add content because it does incur development cost, and often we already have to start work on the next project, so any profit that we made on the previous title would disappear quickly. The company and the shareholders it represents expect a profit, and it's hard to justify as a separate entity. I still think that maybe we can avoid a lot of negative feedback and please more of the fan base if the content was clearly developed after the original game. I'm sure there would still be complaints though, if the content is paid. I personally think there has to be a line drawn when thinking about paid DLC for fighting games. The line the Tekken team has chosen regarding this is that stages, characters, and moves shouldn't be added as paid DLC. If they are to be added, they should be free. If you look at interviews I have done years ago, you can see I have mentioned this quite a long time ago. It's because these are necessary elements to a fighting game. Much like chess pieces to a game of chess, they shouldn't be charged for separately. If I were to do paid DLC, I guess it would be something similar to iTunes; you could maybe buy more music to use in-game. That's something I would want personally, as well. Also, maybe some idea that was popular within the community on Twitter or Facebook, and to take that and actually put it in the game as DLC. People were joking that they wanted to see swimsuits for Ganryu and Kuma, so I'm thinking of doing that for real!" Full article here:
  23. Buying a new Capcom game? Think again!

    This is kind of how I feel with DLC. Again, I can't say much as I only play one type of video game genre; Fighters [Competitive]. And there's only one company that has bad business practices in the fighting game genre.. I want to hear everyone's opinion on DLC before I reply. There are some very interesting responses!