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    Currently studying Web design, going through coding & such. It's a pain but I enjoy it.


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    The FGC & eSports are on completely different levels. Let us, the FGC, handle the fighting games.
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    Dublin, Ireland.
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    Pianist on SSF4: AE. Plinking those combos & mashing Shoryu till I lose.
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    I clean the Fighting Game Community of salty players.
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    Super Street Fighter IV: AE, Tekken 6, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Minecraft, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.
  1. Yay. No Minecraft for me for a while. I had to say goodbye to my desktop. I don't feel like replacing the motherboard, but I'll be building an Asus desktop soon. I'll be gone for a long period, but I wlil be back. Ciao!
  2. Hey guys, I'm going to mark off this big chunk of land, if that's okay? I finally found a good bit of motivation to build again, but bigger this time. I'll try my best to fence it off (most likely with dirt).
  3. I feed off motivation. Inspire me.

  4. Woah, I haven't been on so I haven't had the chance to check the forums. AteBit, that's pretty neat! I'd start working on things, blueprints, etc., once I start roaming the world far away from spawn.
  5. Conas atá tú? An bhfuil tú go maith?

  6. Apologies if it sounds like that.
  7. Crap, you posted before I did. My bad! But if you're not down with a castle (that was just a thought) we can definitely build another building. I'm up for any suggestions!
  8. I was never there for y's so I missed out on alot. I want to say big, but I don't know when Tabacco will re-roll or if he's just going to move spawn point somewhere else. So this is just a maybe if you all want in on this. I'm not good at castle designs but if you have anything on your mind, post away, let us know. And when I say big, I mean bigger than y's.
  9. A big castle. Erect a giant creeper statue in the courtyard.
  10. Forward medium punch, neutral medium punch -> Ultra 2 (Last Dread Dust). This character is all about one frame links. Challenge accepted!

  11. Yeah, I know. Even harder when there's rarely anyone on the server right now. But this might interest people! I'm up for the challenge
  12. My god... We need should do something like this. Team effort stuff
  13. Soul Calibur V