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  1. Tribes: Ascend

    I never understood why tribes didn't take over...
  2. Might and Magic Heroes VI: Reordered Words

    I always thought the greatest appeal to HOMM was playing ont he same PC with your buddy for hours and hours on end. The Franchise is a lot of fun - from working the castle upgrades, to amassing that one giant army, to exploring for mines and pooping yourself when an enemy hero entered your lands... the game is uber-complicated chess with surprisingly high re-playability. HOMM3 was the standard, and then - yeah - they tried taking themselves seriously. I have faith this new game was made by people that loved HOMM and people that take pride in their work. So I hope it's a well-polished product.
  3. Max Payne 3

    I just know that rockstar knows how to blend comedy with being bad-ass. which i think is called "smart-ass." They'll make a great gritty, smart-ass, desperate, lost all hope but for his sense of justice, bearded, bald Max Payne. I have faith in rockstar.
  4. I'm gonna smoke a lot of w33d and play dis thing until my eyes bleed
  5. Amanita Design's latest creation is trippy!

    well, i have no idea what Machinarium is... but this is sick. thanks for the link!:clap:
  6. Portal 2

    it's amazing how a little humor can go a long way. hell, it's what kept duke nukem on top back in the day. The only thing is that I don't like puzzle games or anything to do with puzzles in video games. I see them as a chore, perhaps because they make you /think/.
  7. Swarm

    the swarm website is hilarious!!!
  8. Plug your shit

    sponsor? to sponsor you, you'd have to do things you wouldn't like. but we can work something out with that talent of yours! (the drawing, the drawing). I've been looking for artists to do digital graphic novels for tablet devices. check your PM
  9. Dreams!

    anyone else here have prophetic dreams? Being a skeptic, I used to think my dreams were closely resembling real events, or maybe my mind was bridging the gap between what i dreamt and what occurred - sort of like assumptive memory (psychology accepts this function of memory). but then I started writing details down and they would actually occur. Now, I've just accepted prophetic dreams, that I sometimes have 'em, and because I dream a lot and dream very vividly I've just accepted that dreams can either be the mind re-playing images or re-playing images that will occur (i still believe it's a "re-play" because of some personal convictions about time and the 3rd and 4th dimensions). just wondering if anyone else here has had or thinks they've had prophetic dreams (ie - thing happens in your dream then exact same thing happens in life)?
  10. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    speaking of hidden visual messages of music - S7P_G6e7YTo
  11. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    That Balkan Epic video is sooooo confusing. I'm Balkan myself (Bulgarian) and I just stared at it in full confusion. Full. Confusion. But i sorta wanna fuck a bridge now.
  12. Plug your shit

    srsly, mate, quit your day job and feed me hobo lobo panels!
  13. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

    so, here's a question - is assassin's creed: brotherhood too easy? the 1st and 2nd ones were far too easy, imo.
  14. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    for those of us that like to wobble XFGv_lhswcE
  15. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

    I hated the first one because it was so beautiful, yet so repetitive. The second one was alright, but it still didn't quite hit the spot. Now this one I suppose I'll need to look into. Also, about Machiavelli's Prince, since the book came up, there's a strong scholastic theory out there (circulated in the ivory towers of academica) that Machiavelli was not only trying to anger the populace, but was actually giving negative advice in an attempt to get the prince (who had tortured Machiavelli previously) in trouble. Look at what the book says: 1. better to be feared than loved 2. arm your populace 3. Don't trust foreign intervention, but rely entirely on your own people (who hate you and are armed) now that's a recipe for disaster