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  1. Firewatch Spoiler Thread | Henry Two Hats

    i think the subversion of the players agency on the mind and intention of others is pretty central to firewatch. sorry but delilah just doesn't like u in that way
  2. No Man's Sky

    Yeah there is the obvious analogue between first person and VR but honestly I think there is a lot of potential for neato 3rd person and birds eye view stuff. The idea of turn based 4x games where the presentation is like a polished 3D game board or even something like the skyrim map which is crappy and hard to use in 2D suddenly is like a functional landscape jewel box. I think there will be hoardes of VR games that play the same dumb tricks as 3D movies with crap flying in your face all the time but in my mind the best uses of it will be more subtle leveraging of depth to provide different depictions of scale that are pretty hard to represent in 2D.
  3. No Man's Sky

    release ur balance sheet Hello Games or prepare 2 be pwned by the free market
  4. No Man's Sky

    *waves around copy of infinite jest* bro this thing was 15 bucks, has lasted me months, and I'm not even reading the side quests
  5. No Man's Sky

    Yeah I'm not paying 60 bucks for anything less than a million lines of code
  6. Firewatch Spoiler Thread | Henry Two Hats

    Except the dead kid I guess
  7. The games that made you buy the system

    I think I posted this in another thread but I bought the xbox 360 just to play the Skate games and those are still the only games I play on that console. If they come out with a Skate for xbox one I will unfortunately have to buy that system also.
  8. im on day 3 and managed to sneak through some invisible walls. now i enter the true wilderness edit: aah woah there's supply caches out here. conflicted between cracking them open to see how much i can tear this game up and not spoiling myself
  9. Tfw your family is diabetic because you work 3 jobs to support them and only have the time and money to pick up McDonald's in between shifts and then you lose one of your jobs to a pair of robotic arms
  10. Quake, Doom, and Loom are three games with cool + short names
  11. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    In other words you and a friend could explore an abandoned island for the same price that you could get a tool enabling the exploration of the urban jungle through sick grinds, slides, and vert pipe stunts. Does that seem fair? Personally I'm only willing to exchange 30 cigarettes and 11.25 gallons of water for an indie video game
  12. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    You can't but you could have one skateboard for the value of two Jonathan Blow's The Witness
  13. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    To aid in everyone's decision making I've compiled a list of things that you can buy with 40 dollars: 1 Mix Bucket Variety Feast from KFC 10 Big macs 4 movie tickets Half of a skateboard at Canadian Costco 45 rolls of strawberry Mentos on More than 6 reams of printer paper 120 cigarettes 1/7th of a small square of supreme/premium alfalfa cattle hay Two 9.4 inch plastic human skeleton models 45 gallons of water at Walmart (almost) 3 .net domain names from Hover (for one year) 0.73 ounces of black truffle 54 pounds of lead Hope this helps
  14. Making Mr. Remo Uncomfortable

    frankly if i were chris being called "mr. remo" would be enough to make me uncomfortable
  15. Programming languages, for practical reasons, almost always (can't think of a counter example off the top of my head) have restrictions on how you can define a name for your variables or whatever. In many languages it is possible to use a limited set of unicode characters ( but that may not necessarily include foreign language characters. Regardless the most common languages use english reserved words and standard libraries are usually programmed with english (based) names for functions and modules. Almost all libraries, apis, sdks, etc... across all languages are designed like that and as a result if you wrote a compiler that allowed you to write code for c++ or whatever in different characters you would still mostly be working with english words with whatever libraries you are working in.
  16. Half-Life 3

    half life 3 is real and its embedded in greenlands ice sheet. drive your car to work every day and save alyx from her frozen tomb
  17. I don't remember honestly someone mentioned it and just felt like talking about my own dumb thing. I hope you don't die from tetanus!
  18. My friend made a buster sword out of plywood in elementary school
  19. yeah cracktro music was always real impressive to me as a kid. I remember being super in awe of the shady figures who did cracking in the first place and the neato digital music and art that went along with it only made it more enigmatic and cool to me. In retrospect it's very time and a place shit and makes me very nostalgic for a time when the net seemed like more of an elusive and cool place to inhabit
  20. I wonder if there ever will be another Elder Scrolls game what with Elder Scrolls Online. I also eagerly await another Warcraft RTS but doubt that will be coming anytime soon either
  21. Games you enjoyed for the "wrong" reasons

    Before World of Warcraft's official launch they had a few beta weekends and on one my friend and I tried to swim around Kalimdor. We made it maybe a third of the way around and it was one of the most fun times playing a video game that I can remember
  22. Half-Life 3

    Can't wait to save the world with my pal Alyx as mute protagonist Gordon "G-Man" Freeman