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    Aberdeen, Scotland
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    Games, Mountian Biking, moto X, fashion and rock climbing


  • Location
    Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Interests
    Mountain Biking - Freeride, single track, dirt Jump
  • Occupation
    Working in Screwfix while I study in Aberdeen
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    Freelancer,Test Drive Unlimited,Fallout 3, FarCry 2...

About Me

I work at Subsea 7 as a Trainee designer, basically im training as a draughtsman. I draw pretty pictures of subsea equipment, robots and ships.


I follow games quite closely, I listen to 5 different gaming podcast and read rock paper shotgun every day.


I am part of the Robort Gordons University rock climbing club and go climbing twice a week.

I also mountain bike and try to aim for once a week.


This feels really weird and im going to stop typing now.