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  1. Whoever improved my underground tree garden a big thanks. Looks great.
  2. I have absolutely nothing to do tonight. Also in california so if you setup a time I will warn the fiance in advance to leave me the heck alone.
  3. Speaking of SMP, will we be enjoying that at some point in the near future?
  4. Farthest I have been able to make it is ~30m from the station. Again the trip back works fine.
  5. Wonderland outgoing line keeps coming up a little short even if i start the cart at the far back of the booster section. Inbound makes it all the way no problem without even slowing down.
  6. Random question for anyone that has played single player for a length of time. Can the Zombles trigger your floor pad switches for doors?
  7. I do think it would add a bit of excitement to have to worry about your mortality while playing. Have built everything that I was thinking of so there is no creative drive anymore. When you are trying to survive I think it will add a fresh utility aspect to the crazy stuff we make.
  8. With all these raging fires I think its time to surround the big tree #2 with a very wide moat.
  9. Could use some interior decorating tips for the brewery, its a little barren in there.
  10. Just curious, is there anyway to reset the server to a specific time. There was a little mishap with flint that lead to the destruction of a huge structure i had going.
  11. Hey man is there any way the server structures can be reset to a certain time. My giant tree of life got torched by someone at about 3:50pm PST.

  12. I would love to have TNT on the next server simply for the land clearing / tunnel creation.
  13. My mountain top fortress and mine are now an unpassable gaping chasm.