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  1. Let's discuss what a damage type is

    It used to be though. I forget when it went away, but players and enemies had resistance levels to various damage types. On your character sheet, it was a set of icons where your character's model was displayed. And as noted, in Vanilla, fire enemies were immune to fire damage, but it stopped there because they decided to axe that system (and it was just this massive coincidence that the first two tiers of raiding were fire-based).
  2. Let's discuss what a damage type is

    Well Pokemon definitely plays into "easy to learn, difficult to master." It just feels so extreme. The breeding stuff drives me nuts but if you're in the right community to pool players from though, they're usually really good about helping and guiding you through breeding. It still takes a lot of time.
  3. I think certainty is a better motivator than the sort of gamble angle they'd been working on. I mean I know the gambling angle works, just saying that certainty pays off more potentially. I actually prefer it that way; I hate playing "what ifs" when it comes to my finances - including the finances I set aside for leisure. Anyway, here's something else today: Good news Playstation 4 owners and Playstation 2 fans; Sony is working on an emulator to deploy onto the PS4 to let people play PS2 games. No info yet on whether it's gonna be something like what Nintendo has where you have to digitally buy the games or if your physical copies will be read. Gives me something to look forward to. http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/259988/Sony_bringing_PlayStation_2_titles_to_PS4_using_emulator.php
  4. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Now now, Gamergate is about ethics in video games journalism, not ethics in video games business.
  5. Let's discuss what a damage type is

    Well in a literal sense, the application of damage type is meant to be a strategic decision, either through afflictions it applies or just outright more damage. One of my favorite applications of damage types was in Skyrim. It wasn't explicitly called "damage type," but in the melee skill trees there were different bonuses based on weapons being used. Swords got you a chance for critical damage, axes caused bleeding damage, and maces ignored armor. That was a bit more creative as far as "do more damage" goes, almost in the way of how the Mega Man X games work; using enemy weaknesses didn't necessarily mean doing a ton of damage, but rather you controlled the enemy's attack pattern. World of Warcraft actually played around with damage type mechanics back in its original incarnation. The first two sets of raid content in the game contained enemies that were outright immune to fire damage, which screwed over any mage that wasn't frost spec. They also had mechanics going in the warrior "arms" talent tree where different weapons would provide different benefits, not unlike Skyrim's system I mentioned. I'm a little hazy as far as memory goes, but I think it was that swords granted a chance to do an extra swing's worth of damage, maces had a chance to do a short stun, and axes had increased critical damage rate. I have a lot of respect for the Pokemon series when it comes to the most basic form of "damage type means more or less damage." Over the generations of those games they've been adding more types of pokemon and rebalancing a lot of existing types. What makes the game wonderfully complex though is that any given Pokemon's moveset, or possible moveset, isn't as strictly tied into their native types as you'd think. There's a lot of room for building up a Pokemon to be bait; a basic example is an ice Pokemon being put into play, so someone prepares some fire moves, but the ice Pokemon has water moves available to trounce on the fire type. They also play their math up perfectly right, since Pokemon have two types and it's possible for each to be susceptible to one type of attack, thus boosting the normal 2x multiplier to 4x. Ouch.
  6. Warcraft 3 FFA

    Well this doesn't have to be based on me entirely. I do get three days off during the week so I'll be around in the morning / early afternoon on those days. I'll just keep an eye on the thread for when people are playing and hop on.
  7. Warcraft 3 FFA

    And now is the moment I realize I don't have a mic for my computer. But yeah I have my game running and connecting to Battle Net. I'm free from 5pm to 11pm PST every day.
  8. Recently completed video games

    So, Shantae and the Pirate's Curse. Gonna go ahead and elevate it into the top five video games I've played in my life. And I've played plenty across many platforms so that's saying a lot. I mean, I dunno. It was fun, and the challenge level was increasing at what felt like an appropriate rate. It does everything I would want from a game right as far as conveniences for the player but not hand-holding goes. It's just good. It definitely lends to the whole thing of, if you play this game, the previous ones will feel super inferior. This game was miles ahead of Risky's Revenge in level structure, difficulty, and item hunting. So play that one first. And if you can, play the first Shantae game for GBC before that (though I haven't played it myself).
  9. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Gamergate photoshopped an image of Veerender Jubbal, a freelance video games journalist, to make him look like a terrorist, then sent that image to news outlets saying he was one of the attackers in Paris. The news outlets then published those images for stories. When Gamergate was called out on it, they said it was the media's fault. Even though, y'know, they perpetuated the lie in the first place. And it's a pretty awful lie to tell about someone. By the way, Veerender Jubbal is Sikh, not Muslim. So Gamergate still has those awesome signs of racism.
  10. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    I highly recommend people listen to the songs from Sugar Ray's album, Floored. It's the album "Fly" came from (Iiiiiiiiiii just wanna fly~). Spoilers: Fly was the outlier track from that album because holy fuck Sugar Ray is heavy rock.
  11. Black Lives Matter

    So this is tangentially related to Black Lives Matter. Anyone know John Oliver's show, Last Week Tonight? They've had some episodes this year focusing on prisons in some manner, and the terribleness that comes with it. The latest episode is about people being released from prison, and how almost-impossible they have it in life once free (though this also applies to exonerated peoples too, for some fucking reason). I'm bringing this up and linking the subsequent episodes because black people are disproportionately thrown into prison above everyone else. Actually looking through the list, I think I'm gonna pull stuff that has to do with law enforcement or the judicial system. Starting with the episode on Ferguson. These are all in chronological order, with this past Sunday's episode at the bottom. This isn't just about awareness building (please, share John's show with people), but I'm asking people in America to get in touch with your representatives in government - local and federal - and start demanding some change on this shit. Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization Civil Forfeiture (this has become a point for BLM / Campaign Zero) Elected Judges Municipal Violations Bail Mandatory Minimums Public Defenders Prison Re-Entry (that's the term for re-entry into society)
  12. Warcraft 3 FFA

    Oof, so even after downloading the patch to manually apply it I was running into trouble. The answer was to give my Warcraft 3 install directory full access to all users to do things, even though I am logged in as the administrator. My connection to Battle Net works now.
  13. Warcraft 3 FFA

    Uhhhhhhhhh bad news, I can't play online apparently. Battle Net won't work, claiming it can't write to the HDD, and if I run the game as administrator my computer actually just locks up when I click on Battle Net.
  14. Warcraft 3 FFA

    By the way, as far as my regional location, it's US West, PST time zone. I'm usually available in the evenings. Edit - Started poking at the game like I said I would; still don't understand Night Elves and Undead as far as deep running strategy goes. But Alliance and Horde, I've got that shit down. I mean, as much as my skill set will allow.
  15. Warcraft 3 FFA

    It's actually not part of the Battle Net client (for whatever reason). You have to download an installer from the Battle Net site when you're logged in; I totally forgot about this mess and how it works. I'm probably gonna poke around at the game (The Frozen Throne rules) to get re-acclimated to things. I've played a lot of games over the last few years that changed my perspective on resource management. Back in the day I used to avoid getting into upkeep costs at all... cost. Now it may be something I embrace.
  16. Warcraft 3 FFA

    Register it on Battle net when you find it. Then you can just do a Steam-styled install.
  17. Warcraft 3 FFA

    ... Y'know what, I think I'll get in on this. This past week I was thinking about WC3. Just keep in mind I am NOT Mr. RTS and will totally lose in glorious fashion.
  18. Black Lives Matter

    The city of Boston has just banned toy guns being out in public. I didn't read the article yet but I'm guessing it's because cops are fucking shooting kids.
  19. Black Lives Matter

    Out of Austin, TX: Cops beat two guys literally for jay-walking. The cops then start to arrest witnesses who questioned the use of force. https://www.rt.com/usa/321125-austin-police-violent-arrest-jaywalking/
  20. Can I just say that things being low-brow is a relief sometimes?
  21. Recently completed video games

    Shantae: Risky's Revenge So if anyone hasn't heard of this series, it's a platformer / action / adventure game staring a half-genie with purple hair - and her whipping that hair is her main means of attack. I missed out on the first game, which came out on Gameboy Color, but this past week I found out that parts 2 and 3 are out on Steam. Part 3 I was aware of being out on the Wii U eShop, and it's as new as last year. Risky's Revenge though is... I think from 2010? I'll note right away that the game series makes a LOT of use of fan-service type stuff, though the characters seem to own it. Anyway I was pleased. I knew it was a platformer, but I didn't know it was in the vein of Metroid games. I thought the difficulty was lacking at first but it definitely ramped up as the game progressed. I didn't take the time to 100% my first play-thru (yes, there are items to collect), but I will on following sessions. The game has multiple endings apparently, and it has a Metroid metric at the end for your completion rate; time and items collected. If the endings are locked to your performance in both cases, good grief, I'm gonna lose my life to it. I like that stuff, especially when it's in a manageable, non-RNG form. I just started playing the third game, Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, tonight. It doesn't waste time getting you into the action, and the open-world aspect has been split across multiple islands in the game's setting (but is more more manageable this way; less tedium).
  22. Black Lives Matter

    Campaign Zero has an update to the site; they have a report on body camera usage. http://www.joincampaignzero.org/reports The chart has the answers to the following questions, which are at the bottom of the image but are super tiny to read. Coverage: What percent of the total police force is currently wearing body cameras? Fairness: Are officers prohibited from viewing footage of critical incidents before making initial statements or reports, a common investigative practice used with civilians suspected of a crime? Transparency: Can the public obtain footage of a deadly force incident once investigations have concluded without being subject to the police, the court's, or the Mayor's discretion? Privacy: Is footage deleted after six months or less if it does not depict use of force, detention, civilian complaint, or is determined to have evidentiary, exculpatory, or training value? Accountability: Are there clear guidelines for how officers who do not follow body camera policy should be disciplined?
  23. Super Mario Maker

    Uploaded my... I think 6th level? Electric Current is the name. BC2F-0000-00DB-5528
  24. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    A member of Gamergate was pretending to be a woman for the last year, and the charade has come to an end when the cosplayer whose photos he was using called him out on it. People are trying to make sure the guy isn't dogpiled on, though it is important to note how shitty the move was to do. There was already suspicion built around the persona he turns out to have made up because of the ridiculous amount of pro-GG sob-stories it was coming up with. Just an important note - this isn't an issue of a trans person being outed. Again, a guy who identifies as a guy was using pictures of someone else to claim to be someone else.
  25. Black Lives Matter

    Back in February this year, a police officer shot and killed a suspect that was fleeing from a pull-over situation due to expired tags on the car. According to video playback of the incident, the man was stunned by a taser and the officer ordered the man to show his hands (he was stunned, wtf). She then shot the man twice. The defense argued it was out of fear for her life because the man appeared to be reaching for a weapon while he laid there, still affected by the taser - a weapon that was discovered to not exist when additional units arrived on scene. The jury just acquitted the officer of all charges. While the victim in this murder wasn't black, it falls under the umbrella of police instigated violence and it's worth letting you guys know that this shit is deemed okay; shoot first and ask questions later. http://www.phillyvoice.com/pennsylvania-officer-acquitted-in-shooting-of-susp/