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  1. AGDQ 2016

    I watched the Punch-Out blindfold race last night since I'd missed it (was at work). That was incredible. Not just that they beat it, or that it was close, but it was again one of the few races where the lead was actually exchanged a few times.
  2. RIP David Bowie

    I listened to Lazarus, the song, for the first time just a bit ago and I can't deal.
  3. RIP David Bowie

    My Twitter feed, IRC channels, forums - more than any other person of celebrity, everything is filling up with absolute sadness over this. It legit hurts. And some people are having the same thought I did when hearing the news - David Bowie wasn't forever? The idea that he can die is just... it never crossed my mind, or those people I've seen express that thought. To me, I think it's that the dude was so capable of following the trend of music or shaping it himself that he was always fresh, always new, but always staying true to himself as an artist and performer. Nothing about him seemed to age. We've had three musical deaths recently - Weiland, Lemmy, and Bowie - that make me figure that rock and roll, music itself, is just dying now.
  4. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Verify status on Twitter is basically meant for people of celebrity or high-public-recognition status. Like people in the government, actors, etc. It's meant to be a way to tell if it's actually someone vs impersonators. Beyond that, it serves no other function. People of Milo's status, publication writers, don't usually get them. Unless they go nuts and bother Twitter about it a lot.
  5. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    By the way, Milo and/or his supporters have started a ridiculous "I am Milo" movement (only they use French because why not make it more pretentious) on Twitter. Mark Kern has joined in on it. Also, he's... crazy as usual: Also this: https://twitter.com/MYSADKERN/status/685831692918087680 Also, this person points out that MRAs / GG want to make a safe space on the internet (for them, relatively speaking), which is a concept they have repeatedly bashed before: https://twitter.com/Tesseraconteur/status/685620812808896513
  6. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Basically, internet businesses need to stop relying solely on algorithms to bring up related content or to flag content for this reason or that, because context is a motherfucker. If you look up a video Zoe Quinn has produced or taken part in, related videos will be from people slandering her or generally being a shitheel about her. And that's not to suggest that dissenting opinions of things or people can't exist or come up, but we can do much, much better than "LOL FIVE GUYS M I RITE" type shit. It has to be moderated by people. Incidentally, that would be a huge job creator; having more people hired to review internet content for web based businesses.
  7. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    A friend of mine who is a journalist (won't say which publication) told me that while there's no financial incentive, his employer has encouraged him to get verified on Twitter. And exactly for what Apple Cider said; verification has a "trustworthiness" to it that people (not Twitter necessarily) apply to that label.
  8. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    It's official; Milo's verification on Twitter is gone. His reaction? Losing his shit, as usual. Not in the angry sort of way, but in the crazy "I don't know what words and things mean" way. He's calling it a violation of his freedom of speech, that stopping harassment is a violation of freedom of speech, and he's calling for his followers to join him on YouTube instead. Gosh. Maybe this will be a long term win when YouTube finally decides to step up its game on this kind of shit. Edit - OH, by the way, would anyone happen to know if Twitter verification can lead to bonus pay / incentives for people working in particular fields? Just wondering out loud. Tooooootally not related.
  9. AGDQ 2016

    It's that one. I mean, it's new to me; they said they discovered it just a short few months ago. But man... the programming that allows for that to happen must be weird. It is literally Samus touching all possible points in the loaded room(s) at the same time, items included.
  10. Life

    That awkward moment when a United States Senator addresses you directly through Twitter to trade blows over the North Korea situation and his hard-on to take their word for it.
  11. AGDQ 2016

    OH MY GOD, the Metroid Prime run managed to get more incredible than before. Two words: infinite speed. When you see it your head will go "what."
  12. AGDQ 2016

    I tried watching last year as it was live but had some issues internet-wise. Now though I'm seeing the event live mostly from start to finish. I've watched archived videos from previous events and this is great stuff. Disney block has just started. Aladdin is coming up; is it the Genesis or SNES version? Because they are very different games.
  13. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    MRAs said they were going to boycott Star Wars and "cost it millions." Forbes put out an article directly saying that MRAs had no such success, but Return of Kings apparently takes that as yes they did? Somehow? Do they know how to read?
  14. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Here's your update on MRAs - they don't know how to read.
  15. So following up the news about EA doing some rebranding of its e-sports outfit, news broke today that back in December Activision has acquired Major League Gaming's (MLG) assets, which was going out of business. For now they're just holding it under a temporary name (MLG Legacy Holdings, something like that), but knowing Blizzard they want to make a push for doing their own e-sports events. http://esportsobserver.com/mlg-sells-substantially-all-assets-to-activision-blizzard-for-46-million/
  16. 2015's Games of the Year?

    I just ran through the list of games I got this year that were actually released this year, and I have 10 of them exactly. This isn't including anything that's Early Access though. I'll probably do a write-up tomorrow about what is where on my list and why, as well as why I passed up on games that are on everyone's lists. As in, I passed up on buying / playing them. For now in some cases.
  17. Black Lives Matter

    Just for comparison, look at what happens to a white kid who murdered four people (via drunk driving), then flees the country (entering another illegally): http://www.latimes.com/nation/nationnow/la-na-nn-affluenza-teen-20151228-story.html
  18. The Official Video Game Music Corner

    Gonna take a moment to say "hooray" for the music in Pokemon X / Y. Especially these two tracks. Wild Pokemon Battle Battle vs Friends
  19. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Mark Kern has decided to take a stance on the issue of homosexuals being able to give blood; his stance is that gay people inherently have HIV. He's retweeting folks harassing gay people over it as well.
  20. Black Lives Matter

    Tamir Rice, the 12 year old boy shot and killed (murdered) by police, won't see justice. He had a toy gun and was given 2 seconds to comply before being murdered. It was decided that his murderers won't be indicted on any charges. 2015 was the year that America's power players stood up proudly to say that the police exist to protect white people and execute anyone else regardless of age. We're being held hostage by racists that control law enforcement and the judicial system.
  21. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    So Milo's bullshit of tweeting harmful stuff about others finally earned him a suspension from Twitter and it has GG flipping out. Mark Kern has picked up the slack on libelous bullshit in the meanwhile, and is directing the rage about Milo's suspension toward Anita Sarkeesian. Why? Who knows, it's Mark fucking Kern who is sad.
  22. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I thought that study was about conspiracy theorists not working off a logic, but that they have a mental affliction that disables their ability to be convinced of their fears being wrong.
  23. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    That's the thing; when GG started, I engaged a handful of them as one-on-one as possible through Twitter, and all of them would lose their bark and esteem over the supposed issues. They were people on the defense about being made fun of or branded as bad people because they like video games. Which is the irony of all this because the point of things like Leigh Alexander's " 'Gamers' is dead" stuff was that the label is toxic, but love and enjoyment for video games can still exist without it. Some of those people are still trapped thinking that GG is something else that it isn't. I feel bad for them. All they need is affirmation that nobody is saying enjoying video games is bad. However, the remaining bulk of people associating with GG, especially the prominent names, are delusional MRA fuckwads that need therapy because their is more going on in their head.
  24. Star Wars VII - Open spoilers

    My prediction is one of the GOP candidates in the USA is going to say the film is liberal propaganda or try to use it as an example of how America has fallen / must be defended.
  25. First of all, what's wrong with what Itagaki and Inafune have done? Don't underestimate how much it sucks to not own the rights to something you created because yay capitalism (sarcasm warning). Second, Kojima strikes me as a guy that will try something new, but using things he's done before. He loves to break the 4th wall and wink at players in his own way. I'm not his biggest fan, but y'know what... whatever. Maybe with a new company overseeing his funding we'll get a remixed version of Kojima video game.