Scaling the Wall

October 22, 2019 What if we decided to escape differently? What if we escaped without talking, without touching, or without even seeing the room? Instead of hitting the wall at Codefactory in Sunway Putra, what if we tried to scale it? This week Chad Toprak chats about game development and community building in Malaysia with our final guest, LeeYing Foo, a game artist and UX designer at Kaigan Games as well as the co-organizer of WiGout Malaysia, a hangout space for women and underrepresented folks in KL. After that we head to Codefactory at Sunway Putra before Goldie, Stephanie, Patrick, and Doug break down Classroom Murder, the high school mystery room that inspired us to start designing our own quirky constraints, traitor mechanics, and teen drama! Then the team takes turns playing the same escape room but each time with different voluntary rules: an escape room where no one could speak (except Doug, who was taking notes) and an escape room where no one could touch anything (except LeeYing, who was blindfolded)!

Kaigan Games, Simulacra , Simulacra Pipe Dreams, Sarah is Missing, No Straight Roads by Metronomik, WarPods by Weyrdworks, Long Road Ahead by Cellar Vault Games,Re:Legend by Magnus Games Studio, Rhythm Doctor by 7th Beat Games, Eximus by Ammobox Studios, Politiko by Centaur Games, Politiko Mobile by Night Morning, KDU University, Sunway Putra Mall, Code Factory, Metagaming by Stephanie Boluk and Patrick LeMieux

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