A Chocolate Milk Heist

August 12, 2019 Let the games begin! Lee Shang Lun leads our first full episode where we meet the team, talk about the origins of the podcast, and tease out some possibilities for playing well. During a short interlude, Alexandra, Laura, and Doug introduce the ins and outs of escape rooms before the group debriefs about their first day playing together at the Escape Room franchise in Berjaya Times Square—a parlor where we sped through art galleries, split up in haunted houses, and tried to steal some chocolate milk. Five down, fifty to go.

Berjaya Times Square, Escape Room, Gallery: The Insidious Art Thief, Dutch Lady: The Great Chocolate Vault, Heaven and Hell, Wonderland: A Magical Adventure, The Haunted House, Taken: The Perfect Abduction

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