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We're following Twin Peaks Season 3, having completed a full rewatch of the original run!

We're following along with Twin Peaks Season 3 each week, having completed a full rewatch of the original run of the show. Join us as we delve back into Twin Peaks, and send your questions and comments on the current episode to to be part of the conversation!

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Episode 35:
The Return, Part 1

May 22, 2017 The first new Twin Peaks episode in 26 years just hit television. We'll unpack what's new - and what has stayed the same - two decades later, share our thoughts on the fate of Agent Cooper, dig into the new mysteries and characters introduced, and take our best guesses at what Mark Frost and David Lynch are up to with the season as a whole. Join us as we stare into a glass box for hours, watching to see what happens.

If you have a question for us or thoughts to share on the new season of Twin Peaks, write us at

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May 17, 2017 Twin Peaks is coming back and so are we! Join us as we kick the rust off this podcast, in anticipation of following all of Twin Peaks season three in real time, starting next week. This week, we're warming up by sharing our own expectations for what the new Twin Peaks might hold, discussing Showtime's marketing of the series' return to television, and scratching the surface of Mark Frost's novel, The Secret History of Twin Peaks.

We'll be recording a podcast for every episode of the new season and we'd love to hear from you! If you have a question for us or thoughts to share on the Twin Peaks season premiere, write us at

Some notes on upcoming scheduling: Showtime is airing the first four new episodes of Twin Peaks two at a time. During the next two weeks, we will be putting out two episodes a week, to keep pace! So look for the podcast covering the premiere on Monday, May 22, and the podcast covering episode two sometime mid-week.

June 12, 2015 It's the last episode of Twin Peaks Rewatch... for now! As we await Season 3 of Twin Peaks, we're capping off our rewatch of the original run and film by digging through the listener mailbag for observations and questions that take into account everything we've seen so far. Plus, we touch on some of the official and unofficial cultural artifacts inspired by Twin Peaks in the decades since it aired. (Visit the forum thread for this week's episode at for links and details.)

June 2, 2015 As a followup to our Fire Walk With Me discussion, this week we share our thoughts on the Missing Pieces deleted and extended scenes from the Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery Blu-ray set. Plus, we delve deep into listener opinions and theories on Fire Walk With Me!

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