The Power of 45 Brains

March 2, 2017 A researcher has determined that by 2025, if you string all our smart devices together—our Amazon Alexas and always-online talking teddy bears, our color-changing light bulbs and remote-controlled doorknobs—they will have the combined thinking power of 45 human brains. But that raises the question: Who exactly are these 45 brains, and what do they want to tell us? Join us as we find the answer or, failing that, make something up.

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Important Reference Materials: Morgan Freeman Turkish Airlines ad, CloudPets hack, Furby, Teddy Ruxpin, children loving Alexa, Alexa making questionable choices, Tomes and Talismans, Tommy Westphall Universe Hypothesis

Chris' Endorsement: The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart

Jake's Endorsement: Witness, starring Harrison Ford (iTunes, free on Amazon Prime)

Nick's Endorsement: Finding and frequenting your local neighborhood bar

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