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None of this matters. Unless it does.

In an effort to understand the baffling world around us, we take your questions about the most fascinating, inane, and inexplicable happenings you can find, and draw them out to their most extended—and almost definitely inaccurate—conclusions. Join Chris Remo, Jake Rodkin, and Nick Breckon of Idle Thumbs each week as they attempt to find truth and meaning through absurdity. Will they succeed? Probably not, but we'll all enjoy the trip.

Weekly, publishes Thursday.

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Episode 2:
Fight Garbage With Garbage

February 23, 2017 The great mysteries of our time lie before us, hovering tantalizingly out of reach, so instead we set our sights on the achievable. This week: What happens when flame robots battle garbage? Where's the intersection of George Michael and Matlock? And who brought Jaws to the friendly, rustic murder capital of the world? You may think these questions unanswerable, or barely questions at all. Friend, you may be right—but we'll do our best to pull them apart and see what truths they reveal.

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Important Reference Materials: flame drones, drone-hunting hawks, Poirot main titles, Matlock main titles, Careless Whisper, boops boops, Jaws, Murder She Wrote, historical Spartan pec-oilers

Nick's Endorsement: The CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (DVD, iTunes)

Chris' Endorsement: Batman (1966) (Blu-ray, iTunes)

Jake's Endorsement: ThruYou by Kutiman

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