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Rob Zacny

Episode 262: A Thousand Shards of Light

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Rob is joined by a full complement of guests with Rowan Kaiser, Kat Bailey, and Jason Wilson on board to talk about Warlock 2: The Exiled. The original Warlock was regarded as a solid foundation of a game with room for improvement. Does Warlock 2 deliver?


Listen here.

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I finally got a chance to listen to this.  I've been wondering for a while about buying the game; I've got the original Warlock, as well as Fallen Enchantress and Endless Legend.


It may not be completely fair to judge Endless Legend yet; it's early access, IIRC, and while the game is technically sound (no crashes, looks decent, runs reasonably on good hardware) it's kind of lifeless as yet.


Of the three I have, I think I like Warlock the best.  I think it's because it has the least fiddling around with inconsequential details; I don't feel like I should be looking at Sneedville to determine whether the grainery or the aquaduct should be manned this turn.


It does have a kind of a tactics rpg flavor to it; in some ways it reminds me more of the Age of Wonders series or Dark Wizard from the Sega CD.


Did I mention you should play Dark Wizard?  You should play Dark Wizard.


It sounds like I should be getting Warlock 2, but it raises a question: If I were to get only one, should I get Warlock 2 or the latest Age of Wonders?

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