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Spelunky Movie

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From the Twitch chat - I actually didn't catch as much as I'd hoped. Started after the Bay talk. Rehash whatever you remember. We'll start the Kickstarter in a few hours.



Chris Remo's Spelunky Daily Challenge

ChrisRemo playing Spelunky

Mrshmearo:  lmao
Mrshmearo:  this music 
Thecineaste03:  What would an art house version of Spelunky be like
Lebloc:  I like that Chris is inadvertently giving us material for the Bay film. Shia's jetpack explodes. He looks at his hand with the cursed glove, which he can't remove. "I guess it's good I have this glove..."
 Loiosh:  some speed running influence there
Tychocelchuuu:  Yeah, that's pretty much perfect
 Loiosh:  "nononononononono" - shia
Thecineaste03:  Lol
Lebloc:  Haha!
Tychocelchuuu:  "DON'T WALK TO THE DOG"
Tychocelchuuu:  BOOM
Tychocelchuuu:  Great dramatic moment
Thecineaste03:  Shakey cam
Turgidbolk:  Oh god, Spelunky horror film Blair Witch Project style
Turgidbolk:  Every level is a dark level
Thecineaste03:  Oh god
Mrshmearo:  vomit farming?
Thecineaste03:  "Do you guys see him?"
Thecineaste03:  "OH MY GOD"
 Loiosh:  -sniff- I'm so scared -sniff-
Thecineaste03:  They start running
Thecineaste03:  And you can see
Thecineaste03:  A teleport croc
Thecineaste03:  Behind them
 Loiosh:  It's coming from inside the cave!
Lebloc:  Nothing but Giant Spider dark levels.
Secretasianmann:  needs a wicker man style bees scene
Gritfish:  guys
Gritfish:  GUYS
Thecineaste03:  Yes?
Turgidbolk:  Gritfish get that flashlight out of my face, god
Turgidbolk:  WHAT
 Loiosh:  lol
 Loiosh:  that poor dog
Thecineaste03:  The art house film based on Spelunky would be called
Thecineaste03:  Spéléologie
Thecineaste03:  Because that's spelunk in french
Turgidbolk:  Haha
Thecineaste03:  ART.
Thecineaste03:  *spelunking in french
Turgidbolk:  Kind of a Run Lola Run recurring thing
Thecineaste03:  With a sad french man narrating over it
Yamayamadingdong:  okay, did he forgo the jetpack or did it get crushed on the moai level?
Yamayamadingdong:  just got here
Tychocelchuuu:  Crushed
Mrshmearo:  the book? no?
Turgidbolk:  Just a man repeatedly dying beyond his control and being resurected
Tychocelchuuu:  He killed himself via one of those falling platforms
Mrshmearo:  oh niceee
Yamayamadingdong:  wow that is so silly
 Loiosh:  I didn't need that platform anyways - Chris
Thecineaste03:  Perfect Tycho, the movie would be about the monotony of life symbolized by the ever changing levels
Mrshmearo:  yama 
Thecineaste03:  "I die and die..."
Yamayamadingdong:  hey shmearo
Mrshmearo:  yo
Thecineaste03:  Olmec represents the Spelunker's inner demons
Mrshmearo:  #beatklepek
Lilpmo:  BAD END
Jamesgrosch:  nicely done
Thecineaste03:  lol
Turgidbolk:  Eventually he discovers there is a Jungle level and is puzzled
Turgidbolk:  Then goes on a surrealistic journey into his own mind as he uncovers more strange environments
 Loiosh:  wow that jump, brave
Thecineaste03:  Spelunky, a David Lynch film
Lebloc:  David Lynch's Spelunky would certainly visit the Worm
Thecineaste03:  Who would be the obligatory white faced creepy guy
Thecineaste03:  In the movie...
Thecineaste03:  OH ***, THE GHOST, OF COURSE
Mrshmearo:  chris "oops" remo
Thecineaste03:  He'd be the creepy guy who pops up and says cryptic ***
Mrshmearo:  The Ghost says " Im at your apartment right now"
Thecineaste03:  And then he sings a Roy Orbison song
Thecineaste03:  In all honesty, if there was a Spelunky movie
Thecineaste03:  I'd like the Paranorman people to do it
Mrshmearo:  nicely donee
 Loiosh:  Nicely done
Yamayamadingdong:  i managed to get the plasma cannon into the city of gold on this daily and died right after i died to a hawk man throwing me into a mummy 
Snipehockey:  bravely done
Thecineaste03:  I always imagine a Spelunky movie stop motion
Mrshmearo:  that really stunk man
Spdiscus:  should grab one of those capes
Mrshmearo:  vlads cape hype??
Mrshmearo:  wonder if hes used it before? loll
 Loiosh:  lil remo bat
Turgidbolk:  He used it once
Lebloc:  I've seen him use it at least once
Mrshmearo:  oh ok
Thecineaste03:  Count Remo of Wansley Manor
Tychocelchuuu:  Vlad attacks the heroes, it looks like maybe he has killed the main character, and a shadowy figure appears wearing the cape
Tychocelchuuu:  But it turns out just to be Shia LaBeaouf
Thecineaste03:  haha
Tychocelchuuu:  Who has taken the cape from a vanquished Vlad
Turgidbolk:  Nice
Thecineaste03:  No no
Thecineaste03:  He plaigarized it
Tychocelchuuu:  hah
Mrshmearo:  i wish patrick still played this 
Thecineaste03:  The last line of the movie
Thecineaste03:  Shia Laboof stands alone
Thecineaste03:  In the hell level
Thecineaste03:  "I *** up"
Lebloc:  He has a bag over his head with "I'm not a Spelunker anymore"
Thecineaste03:  FIN.
Lilpmo:  Patrick said he would consider CK2, I'd like to see that
Fooms:  vlads cape has such weird sound effect
Mrshmearo:  whats that?
Lebloc:  Yes, it does
Mrshmearo:  crusader kings
Secretasianmann:  I like it
Mrshmearo:  ?
Lilpmo:  yeah
Snipehockey:  crusader kings will eat away peoples lives
Mrshmearo:  how would work as a lets play on giantbomb? I just got it on steam
Mrshmearo:  during the sale
Mrshmearo:  havent touched it yet
Thecineaste03:  I hope someone screencapped our Spelunky Michael Bay conversation 
Thecineaste03:  That *** needs to be patented n ***
Tychocelchuuu:  Jesus
Lilpmo:  Chris and Nick played it on a stream a while back on the Idle Thumbs twitch
Turgidbolk:  Chris and Nick Breckon played it on the Idle Thumbs channel for a bit
Lebloc:  That dodge was crazy close
Turgidbolk:  It's all on Youtube as well
Fooms:  Yama easy peasy with a shotgun
Mrshmearo:  yayyyyy
Tychocelchuuu:  And just like that, Shia triumphs
Lebloc:  Congrats, Chris!
 Loiosh:  grats, Chris
Spdiscus:  nice work
Getwhitey:  Nice run Remo!
Fooms:  no rubies?
Mrshmearo:  BEAT REMO??
Turgidbolk:  It's true, keyboard makes you a better player
Yamayamadingdong:  gg
Thecineaste03:  Yo won...BUT AT WHAT COST?!
Thecineaste03:  BWAAAAA,
Thecineaste03:  S P E L U N K Y
Thecineaste03:  A Christopher Nolan film
Turgidbolk:  Money isn't important anyway
Secretasianmann:  you win this round Remo
Getwhitey:  thanks for streaming
 Loiosh:  Spemento
Secretasianmann:  but I'll get you next time!
 Loiosh:  It plays in reverse
 Loiosh:  It starts with the death in Hell
Thecineaste03:  Lol
Thecineaste03:  Perfect
Lebloc:  Spementos -- the fresh maker.
Udimsumulosesum:  thanks Chris


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Awww, ya didn't catch the beginning of the conversation. Most of this is just post-Michael Bay Spelunky conversation. Oh well... :sad:

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