Ok, this is my full list of TNG Episodes.  Includes short blurbs in case this gets used again in the future.  YMMV.  Bold episodes were not included in my list from earlier in this thread   Season 1 Uh, none really   Season 2
The Measure of a Man - 2x09 - Great courtroom episode about Data's rights as an artificial but sentient being

Season 3
Who Watches the Watchers - 3x04 - A primitive civilization think Picard is God.  I mostly just get a kick out of them saying "The Picard" over and over Booby Trap - 3x06 - A Geordi heavy episode as he tries to devise a way to free the Enterprise from a 1,000 year old booby trap The Enemy - 3x07 - Geordi gets trapped on a dangerous planet and must rely on an enemy to escape.  Also a good Worf scene. Deja Q - 3x13 - Q gets turned into a human as punishment for his behavior Yesterday's Enterprise - 3x15 - An neat sort of what if? episode mostly set in an alternate timeline Sins of the Father - 3x17 - Worf's father is accused of treason by the Klingon homeworld (Qo'nos).  Worf goes to Qo'nos to discover the truth.
Sarek - 3x23 - Spock's father aboard the Enterprise.  Really great Picard scene towards the end. Menage a Troi - 3x24 - Most of the episode is terrible, but

Season 4
The Best of Both Worlds, Part II - 4x01 - Part 2.  Duh.
Family - 4x02 - I'm actually not a huge fan of this episode but it's pretty well liked I guess. Picard deals with the trauma of what the Borg did to him.Data's Day - 4x11 - A day in the life of Data.  Pretty light hearted episode Devil's Due - 4x13 - Picard takes the devil to court over the custody of a planet Clues - 4x14 - A neat little space mystery The Nth Degree - 4x19 - Barclay becomes a super genius
The Drumhead - 4x21 - A future witch hunt for spies within the Federation Half a Life - 4x22 - An episode about euthanasia.  Also the only episode with Troi's mom that I can stand The Mind's Eye - 4x24 - Geordi is brainwashed into being an assassin In Theory - 4x25 - Data gets a girlfriend
Redemption - 4x26 - Civil war in the Klingon Empire

Season 5
Redemption, Part II - 5x01 - More Klingon civil war
Darmok - 5x02 - Picard must learn to communicate with an alien species that has a very unusual speech pattern.  Way more interesting than it sounds. Disaster - 5x05 - The Enterprise hits an anomaly in space and the bridge crew are all stranded in different parts of the ship
Unification I, II - 5x07, 5x08 - Picard and Data investigate the disappearance of Ambassador Spock (yes, that Spock) Conundrum - 5x14 - The Enterprise crew all wake up with amnesia and find themselves in the middle of a war
Cause and Effect - 5x18 - The Enterprise is stuck in a timeloop The First Duty - 5x19 - Wesley Crusher gets in trouble at school I Borg - 5x23 - The crew recover a single, damaged Borg The Next Phase - 5x24 - Geordi and Ro become ghosts.  Or do they?  Some good old sci-fi shenanigans
The Inner Light - 5x25 - Picard finds himself living as a different person on a different planet.  My personal favorite episode of the entire series.  I can't watch the ending without tearing up a little.

Season 6
Relics - 6x04 - Montgomery Scott (aka Scotty) is found after 80 years of transporter stasis Rascals - 6x07 - 4 memebers of the crew are turned into children and the ship gets taken over by the Ferengi.  Mostly comedic episode
Chain of Command Part I, II - 6x10, 6x11 - Picard is forced to hand off command of the Enterprise.  Picard, Worf, and Crusher then go on a secret mission.
Face of the Enemy - 6x14 - Troi is kidnapped and cosmetically altered to look like a Romulan Starship Mine - 6x18 - Picard is trapped aboard the Enterprise with several mercenaries Second Chances - 6x24 - Riker finds that a transporter accident 8 years ago has produced a duplicate of him that has led a very different life Timescape - 6x25 - The Enterprise appears to be frozen in time during a battle with Romulans

Season 7
Gambit I, II - 7x04, 7x05 - Space Pirates.  The ending is incredibly stupid. Attached - 7x08 - Picard and Crusher are abducted and have their minds linked Inheritance - 7x10 - Data meets his "mother" Parallels - 7x11 - Worf keeps shifting through parallel universes Lower Decks - 7x15 - An unusual episode that follows some junior officers aboard the Enterprise Genesis - 7x19 - The crew (except Picard and Data) get infected with a disease that deevolves them
All Good Things... - 7x25/7x26 - Series finale   First Contact - second TNG movie - The only TNG movie I'd say is any good.  The Borg return and try to prevent the creation of the Federation by going back in time.