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Paper Plane: beautiful, relaxing, non-violent exploration game

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This little game was an IGF award winner in 2011.  You fly a paper airplane around a rural farm revealing and giving color to "childhood memories" as you successfully fly the plane along, around, and through various objects on the farm.  It's a little bit like Flower, Okami, and De Blob.


I tried it when it first won the IGF award, but I didn't have a controller then and I didn't get very far into it.  I usually scoff at games recommending controllers, having played just about everything successfully with a keyboard & mouse, but for this game, it actually makes a huge difference.  It's designed to use just the analog triggers, and played that way, you have very fine control of the plane.


The game is small, but it's quite a bit larger and deeper than I'd realized with many secrets to discover.  The control of the plane is very satisfying as it glides along, getting an occasional boost when you reveal or color something on the farm.  Combined with the painterly stylized graphics and a meditative flute & clarinet theme, I find it a gentle and beautiful experience.  Even after completing the game, I keep coming back to it every once in a while to take another relaxing flight around the farmyard.


It's free.  If you have a controller for your PC, check it out:

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