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NBA Jam On Fire Edition

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So yeah, I picked this up last night on XBLA and can't seem to put it down! I even got up early this morning to fit in a game before work.

I absolutely adored the originals on the megadrive and this is essentially the same game but with plenty of extras to tide you over. The 'shop' where you can redeem points earned within the game seems to be littered with neat extras like extra teams and graphical filters (I unlocked one named 'retro' in the hope that it'd make it look like the originals but it just pixelates everything).

I didn't play the disc version released a few months ago but I hear this is a definite improvement over that but with a slimmed down 'Tour Mode'.

The only draw back I've found so far is that if you want to play a local co-op games, both profiles have to be Xbox gold members, otherwise player 2 has to sign in as a guest.

And this is coming from someone who usually despises sports games!

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