I watched this film that was supposed to be Mosquito Coast when I was about 9 or 10, except it wasn't. It was a cheaply made Vietnam exploitation flick where a group of American soldiers go into Vietnam (at the time it seemed to be so they could blow a whole load of shit up) and get picked off one by one as they go through a bunch of set pieces. The whole thing was done with the kind of gusto low rent Italian directors were used to churning out in the 70's and 80's (think original Inglorious Bastards) The thing is, when my parents realised they had let me watch this hyper-violent film they never let me watch again. The imagery from this film has stuck with me over the years, I can remember entire scenes from the film but I will be damned if I know the name. Does anyone know a good website where I could write down everything I remember about the film (one of the first characters to get killed is called Stone, they meet up with this missionary dude who gets crucified etc) in the hope that someone can solve the mystery for me? For awhile I thought it was The Last Hunter, I watched the trailer on Youtube and it most certainly isn't. I know someone is going to suggest I google it but I tried that already and the search brought me to IMDB which isn't great.