Brütal Legend overload...!

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Was it the music constantly playing that made you nauseous or the colors on the screen and how everything moved?

I don't remember feeling sick in Brutal Legend, but I'm sometimes prone to it. I felt sick in a few instances in Psychonauts.

I honestly don't know. It's the only game, in the history of a long gaming career, that's ever made me feel that way. Turning off all sound (including music) helped. I noticed that it seemed to be worse in the final part of the game, but maybe that's because I spent a lot of time there. Not sure.

The music definitely made me feel worse, though. I would click NEXT waiting for a song that didn't aggravate my nausea, but all of them made me feel ill. By the time I turned the sound off, it would be too late. Even hearing the incidental music would make me feel bad. So I think possibly it was all just too much and I felt overwhelmed. A weird combination of frame rates and detailed environments, or something.

I'm glad I never experienced it in Psychonauts, though. That was a great world to hang out in, and it's only since playing BL with the sound off that I've realised how it was affecting my enjoyment of the game world... It really wasn't fun for me to hang out in.

With the sound off from the beginning, it's not 100% gone, but it's definitely better.

Strange stuff.

a lot of that was my fault for being a lazy jackass who refuses to get out of their car to get closer to anything. NO I MUST DRIVE UP TO IT.

You should move to LA.

I kill me.

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