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[Android] /!\ Need feedback on my Android game /!\

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Hi !


I just finished the development of my 2nd Android game (developed in C++ with the Cocos2D library), and I would like to get some feedback and opinions about the gameplay, the difficulty, the pleasure felt while playing.


To begin, a small presentation of the game:


The principle is simple, you play as a small ball that can only move on a circle. The goal is to collect a sufficient number of gems... while avoiding the blocks!
Many collectable bonuses (about fifteen) will help you in this adventure... or not.. :devil:


Try to overcome the 30 levels with an ascending difficulty!... or try the challenge of the free mode by trying to hold on as long as possible against the assaults of the blocks!


Video presentation:



Link on Play Store:


Don't hesitate to try and give me feedback ! :)

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