Something True 2.6: L'Arme X

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Something True 2.6:

Something True 2.6

L'Arme X
Nobody in France had seen anything like it. The boy, Tarrare, could eat whatever he wanted, in enormous quantities, and never felt full or put on weight. Tarrare was just hungry. He was hungry all the time. And as he wandered Paris, eating anything he pleased, he would, in turn, be swallowed up by forces great and sinister.

Read a full transcript of this episode on the Something True website.

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Music on this week’s episode:
David Szesztay – Above Us 2*
Kevin MacLeod – Enchanted Journey*
Oskar Schuster – Sneeuwland*
Robert Farmer – Turn the old; return to them*
Jahzzar – Guilty*
Scott Holmes – Close To The Distance*

*modified for the podcast.

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