Something True Preview: Something True Season 2

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Something True Preview:

Something True Preview

Something True Season 2
The opera singer who burned down a convent. A naked man who saved the life of Genghis Khan. An astronomer who ate bad beef.

These are true stories, but they aren't about people who changed the world. You won't read about them on the Wikipedia page for "history", or hear them on a podcast about trains. These stories are of weird creeps and unlucky management consultants, whose lives and legacies crumbled underneath the indifferent march of time.

Only July 16th, Something True returns, with these stories, and more, from the footnotes of history.

Subscribe at somethingtrue.net.

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I left Something True subscribed in my podcast app just in case this happened one day, and sure enough... Little red triangle appeared on the Something True bod today :D


I'm definitely looking forward to this. Best news to come out of this website all year.

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