Heroes of Flatlandia - Turn based strategy like HoMaM

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I would like to introduce you our game Heroes of Flatlandia, that we create with my brother in our spare time. It is fantasy turn based strategy inspired by legendary games Heroes of might and magic or Age of Wonders. So in our fantasy world, you will lead your kingdom of noble elves or dreadful undeads as one of several powerful heroes. Raise mighty armies and crash your enemies in detailed tactical battles. You will use variety of spells and abilities to gain advantage, explore the world, and conquer your enemies. The game contains plenty of maps and allow you to play either against computer AI or against your friends in hot-seat multiplayer.




Google Play
demo version -
full version -


App Store(only full version)



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In the last few months, we've worked on the Heroes of Flatlandia and in addition to fixing a variety of bugs (thank you, who have contacted us by email), and have managed to add these improvements:

* Tutorial
* Full localization into Czech, German and Russian
* Remove turn limit in the demo version
* Different gameplay enhancements
* Brand new race of orcs

We also find skilled sound composer, with whom we are now hard working on our game. Along with that, we are starting to work on campaign and multiplayer.


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