Telltale Games is closing down, apparently

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Most people will remember this studio for The Walking Dead, I guess, but my enduring memories will be of cow races, freelance police, Strong Bad, puzzle agents and a satisfying fifth Monkey Island installment I never thought I'd get.  I still have and cherish my Sam & Max case file, my Jared Emerson-Johnson soundtrack CDs and my collector's edition big boxes.  I still treasure my copy of the Surfin' the Highway re-release which was manifestly a labor of love.  I still remember those early launch day rituals, where Emily and Jake and Tabacco would politely field anguished questions about what time the new Sam & Max episode would drop while they (I imagined) kept humming servers from melting down with a cartoon-sized bellows at half-past midnight.  Those early days were a blast to follow.


As with LucasArts, the actual shuttering of Telltale comes years after they stopped making games that interested me, but I will always remember the studio for its best work and will always be grateful to the individuals responsible for it.  There's a hell of a lot of quality in that library, and I'm furiously re-downloading all my old purchases while I still can.  To anyone reading this who helped generate those good times, thank you.  They meant a lot to me.



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Jake and Sean, today I finally understand why Valve's security seemed so attractive to you.


To the Fietzek brothers, thank you for those videos, they brought me so much joy. If you ever make a Kickstarter...


Andrej-Wolfie, your immeasurable talent should have ruled out Ubisoft game tester. Really hoping things look up for you.


Alan, you had to take that comment down back then, it was too negative after all. You were awesome at your job. I'm sorry we missed meeting by a hairline.


Michael, you were the best community manager, for giving mods way more insight than we probably should have had, but also for being an axe and not a scalpel at a time of crisis.


Andy, I really hope health things got better. You did amazing, consistent (and FREE) tech support work for Telltale for years. They should have offered you the world for it.


Mark, last man standing at Telltale, thanks for meeting up at gamescom all those years back. You're still one of the nicest people I've ever met.


Sarah, the valiant Mrs. Text-to-Speech, I'd love to hear what you're up to these days.

Jared, you're one of the most talented composers out there. I really hope you can continue your work with as diverse applications as at the beginning of the great Telltale journey.

Video-Shaun, it’s incredible what you achieved with what little you had at your disposal. I’m still a big fan of you. I hope you get to use those indie talents again. And the kung fu.


And good luck with the kid, Laura. I really hope you're happy.

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Same here. I never got my boxed Sam and Max and Strong Bad games, because I was always worried about the shipping costs, and I could never get the Sam and Max soundtracks or art book.


But my lovely friends knew how much I loved these games, and I have Surfin' the Highway in hardback and a Tales of Monkey Island mug because of it. Let that say something.

From 2007 through 2013, I was suffering through an acute clinical depression. Mixnmojo, Idle Thumbs, the LucasArts library, Telltale, and Double Fine were a lifeline. I don't know if any of the people who made those games knew that they were creating something wonderful, but they did, and I can't overstate how important they were to me. 


As with Udvarnoky, the Telltale I loved is long-gone, but I felt strangely sad on the day of the announcement, as if an old friend you hadn't seen for years had just passed away.


At least we have Double Fine and Campo Santo. (And Supergiant and Wadjet Eye. Rest in peace, too, Team Ico.)


Here's to you, Telltale Games. You kept me sane at a time when little else did. I only wish you fared better.

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