Idle Weekend August 1, 2018: Transition Points

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Idle Weekend August 1, 2018:

Idle Weekend August 1, 2018

Transition Points
It’s been a little while since we Idle Weekended, but for good reason! Your fearless hosts have been going through some *life stuff* and playing games that help us cope. Get ready for some talk about comfort games, the place of challenge and difficulty, and getting our brains into better spaces. Welcome back to the weekend!

Discussed: Into the Breach, World of Warcraft, Total War, mental health, Sonic Mania, Animal Crossing, health, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, State of Decay 2, Dishonored 2, The Americans, The Last Jedi, Blade Runner 2049, biases in media, New Girl, Party Down, GLOW

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I know exactly what Rob's saying about wanting to read more diverse stuff and falling back on the white men I'm familiar with. I try to have a shortlist of diverse authors when I'm choosing a next book, but sometimes I just want to read #7 in the Splodey Spaceships series by J. Random Whiteguy, and I think that's OK if that's not all I read. I also agree that military history is a problem there- you've got Tuchman, Mary Beard, and then who? The fact that I don't know is a problem. (Catherine Merridale's "Ivan's War" comes to mind, at least.)


On my shortlist is a recommendation from John Scalzi's blog: Claire O'Dell's A Study in Honor - it's described as Watson and Holmes except they're queer black women in a near-future setting.

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